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Gestational age: 4 weeks

Pregnancy 4 weeks.

So small gestational age: 4 weeks, and the body had "hints" of the future mother of the "interesting situation»:
• absence of menstruation,
• frequent urination,
• feeling of fullness,
• weight gain,
• appetite loss,
• vomiting,
• nausea,
• small seizures,
• dizziness,
• increased sensitivity of the breast,
• headaches.
All these symptoms are the first signs of pregnancy.But there are exceptions, some women there is a lack of symptoms.They feel in this period of pregnancy for 4 weeks, fine, and that's okay too.

your child's development in the fourth week.

One development that takes place in the fourth week, it is extremely important for your baby.This is the time of active development of extraembryonic organs - chorionic amnion and the yolk sac.It was during the fourth week of the fertilized egg begins to turn into an embryo.
embryo at the sixth - the seventh day of pregnancy is implanted (implemented) in the lining of the uterus.It feeds on nutrients and oxygen f

uture moms.During this period, the embryo is actively developing.
blastocyst (roughly a bubble in which the fertilized egg) inside the uterus is attached to its upper part.Endometrium surrounds the ovum.At the time of strengthening of the blastocyst in the mucosa cells of the future placenta (trophoblast) are already producing hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).It is the content of this hormone in urine tests help detect pregnancy.
On the eighth day after fertilization, the embryo is transformed into a prototype of a future bubble of membranes (amniotic cavity) and the yolk sac.The amniotic cavity surrounded by a thin membrane, called - amnion, which is filled with amniotic fluid.From
constantly dividing cells of the body of your baby in the yolk sac begin to form medium, the internal and external views of germ layers:
endoderm (inner layer) - is responsible for the formation of the internal organs: lungs, liver, bladder, pancreas, digestive and respiratory systems.
mesoderm (middle layer) - is responsible for the spine, skeletal muscle, muscular system, cartilage, kidney, heart, blood, large vessels, gonads, lymph.
ectoderm (outer layer) - is responsible for the nails, tooth enamel, hair, eye lenses, skin, epithelial tissue of the eyes, ears and nose.As will form the nervous system (nerves, brain, sensory receptors of the nose).
The three germ layers are covered prototypes of the future of your child.
Chorion in Greek means "skin" - a fabric that at a later date will be called the placenta.It is on the fourth week, and the placenta is formed.Through this body the body interacts with the mother body of the baby.At the same time formed the umbilical cord by which the embryo can float in the amniotic fluid and rotate.The umbilical cord that connects the embryo and the placenta is attached to the uterus and its inner side and divides the blood of mother and baby, so that their blood is not mixed.Another function of the umbilical cord - after her baby is fed: air, water and other nutrients.Also receives protective antibodies and throws processing products, which displays the body mothers.During this period, it is the placenta provides the baby with air and other useful substances.A protective function - prevents the blood the baby chemically hazardous substances.If the mother suddenly ill, the placenta would protect the baby from germs.
By the end of the fourth week of the baby's face is different and the beginnings cute eye.There are already the beginnings of internal organs.And the most interesting fact - this is the beginning of the vestibular apparatus in a child at this early period.
vessels already there, but the heart is made, but it is still not beating.

Useful tips for future mums.

Even a small gestational age requires a fundamental change in lifestyle.

  • to start carefully reconsider your diet.Proper balanced nutrition for pregnant women is extremely important.
  • Modern Ecology in big cities and even small towns bad.Avoid stressful situations in our life almost impossible.That's why you need each day to get the vitamins, all the necessary nutrients and trace elements.
  • Alcohol, of any strength and in any quantity you want to exclude!
  • Smoking and passive smoking also should be avoided.All these factors negatively affect the development of unborn baby and the health of the mother.
  • sure to consult with your doctor you like medications that he appointed you, will affect the fetus.In no case without the advice of a doctor to take any medication can not be!
  • Protect your health expectant mothers!Should avoid crowded places, then the probability of "catch" infections will be less.If the household of someone sick, wear a mask and eat a lot of garlic and onions, they are completely safe for the fetus.
  • Avoid stress and nervous tension.If
  • have pets, be sure to make sure their health and timely vaccination.
  • Drinking strong tea and coffee, chocolate, cola want to restrict.Useful
  • are daily walking.