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How to lose weight fast and not gain weight back

strict diets do not bring a good body.And still get in shape for a week and a half, without prejudice to possible health.What to do for a beautiful figure, learn article on "How to lose weight fast and not gain weight back."

light dinner and a hearty breakfast

Whatever it was sad, but not limited to eating any efforts will be useless.However, to bring themselves up to the hungry fainting - not a solution.Therefore, change your outlook on food.From today, no hearty dinner.Cut his usual evening serving food in half and add a glass of nonfat yogurt it, But the breakfast is just the opposite - let it be richer than usual.Include in your daily diet morning oatmeal or muesli with fruit and nuts.Fruits and nuts are also a great snack in between meals.Coffee and black tea substitute herbal teas of chamomile, thyme, leaves of raspberry, currant, hawthorn, wild rose.

Sports, sports, sports

It is not necessary to go to an expensive gym or harass a exhausting run.Replace all daily hiking.Cold and cold - n

ot a hindrance to the intended purpose and you will not be diverted.You want to "squeeze" in the New Year's dress?Then go ahead, for a walk.The main conditions: it is necessary to walk at least one hour per day.Step should be easy pleasure and quite intense, but do not overwork you.Otherwise, the desired effect is difficult to achieve.An excellent alternative to the walks may be shaping or dancing lessons.These sessions you will be able to carry out, without leaving the house.Turn on music and dance to your heart's content.Or purchase a disc with different workouts to your taste.You can even create a home clubs, consisting of close friends, because losing weight is much more fun now.

Maybe in the bathhouse?

overweight - is not only fat, but also the liquid that is retained in the body.Bath - a great tool for quickly removing excess fluid from the body.In addition, the bath helps reduce fatigue and irritation, reduces anxiety and improves mood.

Bath relaxation

Regular fragrant bath not only give comfort and pleasant moments, but also make the skin smooth and taut.Essential oils are able to regulate fat metabolism in the body and stimulates the removal of residues.Excellent effect give baths with oils of citrus.To soak in the flavor some water, enough to drop 6 drops of the oil in warm water.After 20 minutes, fragrant bath, you will feel a surge of vitality and energy. Before you dip into scented water to enhance the effect of coffee and make a light honey peeling.

Body Peeling anti-cellulite

Want skin like a baby?No problem!Mix coffee grounds sleeps with honey and rub this mixture of the body, paying special attention to problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen).Such peeling perfectly cleanses and tones the skin, and is also an excellent prophylactic against cellulite.After peeling J not forget to put on your skin moisturizer or body lotion.Buying products in the store, pay attention to the content of sodium (salt).Salt is known to delay the fluid in the body.Therefore, if the product of more than 200 mg of sodium per unit, should be preferred to another product or excluded from the diet completely.Now you know how to lose weight fast and not gain weight back.

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