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How to lose weight quickly without damage to health

Why all this?And besides, no one, remember, no one knows your body better than you yourself.So, if you decided to take a serious, then ... it has to do is you!That you have to choose, create and calculate for yourself the new rules of life.How to lose weight without a trainer and nutritionist, learn article on "How to lose weight quickly without damage to health."

Where to start?

First, you have quite openly admit to yourself that you eat and how much.But it was not to immediately start torturing yourself with remorse.If you are not a day can not live without meat, then cabbage diet kefir, will plunge you into depression.And if you bring a piece of cake or an incomparable moral / physical / emotional, and all sorts of other kinds of pleasures, then ... it is also necessary to keep in your diet.At least as an encouragement in the initial stage of parting with excess weight.Second, try to be honest to determine for themselves their real level of physical activity and those load, after which you will b

e still able to draw attention to themselves and "nasheesidyaschih" and not fall from native threshold in a semiconscious state.Third, just decide for yourself that it is time to start, and go for a pencil, a calculator and sheet of paper.

First, let's determine how many calories you need your body, depending on the height and age.Add 300 calories a day for each affirmative answer to the following questions.You go three times a week to the gym / pool / dancing?He worked mainly standing or walking?So I learned how many calories your body requires on a daily basis?They you have to eat a must!Otherwise, it will be fraught with losing weight for your health.Judge for yourself: the combustion of 1 kg of adipose tissue formed 7000 kcal.Suppose you 3-4 days generally do not eat anything, drink only water, and work as usual ... Those who have already arranged for such executions your body, know that losing weight at the same time is usually 3-5 kg.Assuming that coveted "telovychitaniya" occurred exclusively by adipose tissue, you should spend between 21 000 to 40 000 (/) kcal.To do this, you would require at least a daily race for 30 kilometers!What have you lost?Most of the carbohydrates stored in muscle and liver, the water they hold by chemical bonds, and proteins (the ones that make your muscles elastic and attractive form, but also is responsible for the work of "flaming engine" because the heart,if you suddenly forgotten, too muscle).Actually, the amount of recycled fat it is very small - only 700-800 grams.Do I need to explain that such experiments are hungry threaten your health ?!Anyway explain!

denying the body food, you are depriving him of essential carbohydrates.This power is primarily required to brain cells.And if there is no revenue carbohydrate, first used hidden reserves (glycogen from the muscles and liver).Then, in the course are proteins and fats - through an incredibly long chemical reactions the body converts carbohydrates in them ....In other words, the entire metabolism during fasting is turned upside down.Hence the deadly fatigue, irritability, exacerbation of chronic diseases ... In addition, fat cells have a number of their secrets.They have a kind of memory of the famine that is able to secrete hormones that stimulate appetite and fat storage - often called "the voice of the adipose tissue."So, after these experiments extremely hungry this voice turns into a hysterical scream, and hunger and, accordingly, the imbalance between calories eaten and spent paying off even more.In short, we hope that we will convince you.You're going to eat.And now, let's choose what!

Herself nutritionist

hackneyed phrases about a balanced diet, be sure to soup, 8 glasses of water a day, and other requirements of nutritionists, we shall not repeat.It is clear as day: you want to be slim and healthy - your food should be correct.Key point: the basis of your diet should be based on your own taste habits and preferences.No innovations, exotic foods and diets experiments!Only small changes in the diet and rigorous accounting.

And to facilitate the latter, we introduce:

  • symbols (even if suddenly your records get someone to hand, he is unlikely to guess what was going on without the help of an experienced decoder);
  • term portion - the main measure of eatables consumed.It is necessary for you to be able to do without constant overloading and counting calorie meals.Admit it, both makes any diet in torment.

Formula harmony

So, the size of the portions to understand?Now the main thing - how to "write" the most portions in their daily menu.That cut diet as she pleased, can not you already know.Is the rate of protein and carbohydrates, which you should eat, how to lose weight quickly or want!Wherein the amount of proteins needed also depends on the type of food.Vary only with the products under the letter "I".Of course, if you have enough will power ... Now you have all the data to make for themselves a minimal diet for a week.All the "I" is best left for the weekend to pamper yourself plenty tasty!And again, any diet experiment starts Saturday, instead of Monday.Prove diet, go to the market / in the grocery store.Meat can be boiled for the day ahead.And remember: your diet - not a reason to forget the culinary imagination!

Spetspunkt for obzhorok

What if you painted the menu seems too meager, because you used to be satisfied where large amounts of food?Frankly speaking, this is an option.And there is nothing wrong!In order to change their taste preferences, needs more than one month ... Would you like to feel a prisoner of Auschwitz?Then all our recommendations ... quite the opposite.First, try to paint everything you eat for a week, in the form of portions and symbols (with nothing currently no denying).See exactly what items are going wild, and try to gradually reduce it blocked.Pay particular attention to the "I": Your task - to bring "the last letter of the alphabet" in the diet to a minimum.If you are easier to count kalorazh menu to begin to reduce its total to 500 kcal per day.The sudden hunger while you can easily drown out the herbal / fruit tea, vegetables and so on.

Herself coach

Of course, you can find a thousand and one more reason to convince myself not to play sports.We have been there - know.And because you're not going to persuade.In addition, we strongly recommend: do not start intensive training in order to lose weight, if you have never done.Moreover, if you can not boast of great physical shape (to check the latest offer for 30 minutes to dance, swim or jog without stopping - the habit of fitness woman without even feeling tired), targeted training simply dangerous!Especially if you have already started training for the 35, but rather, to restore their physical form should be for 3-4 months to accustom the body to stress.And only then you can move on to training, which will help to simulate the actual figure, to get rid of the hated fat in certain areas of the body.Exceptions?Of course, possible, but only under the personal supervision of a professional trainer!

Start with the most simple: over the next 3 months, you should gradually reach the 30-minute daily physical exercise (or up to 3 hours per week).This is the norm, among other things, recommended by the World Health Organization to ensure optimum performance of the cardiovascular system.And you need to approach it gradually, starting with fitness 3-5-10 minutes a day.The criterion of "sufficiency", which you can use itself - is the ability ... to talk during class.If breathing to maintain the conversation is not enough, then the load is too great for the heart.Check it easily: if there is no company to train, take the headset and, for example, twisting pedals, talking on mobile (on-net calls penny).If by nature you are not talkative, sing along with the player!You feel that you can not talk, slow down, but not to reduce the duration of the workout and do not stop: you can not escape, go on foot, tired to dance hip-hop, "change the record" and slow waltz.Do you want to immediately start working on the figure, like a sculptor, honing form?Then remember: the first power exercises are performed up to 1 minute.You do not have to sweat in the classroom and to choke and feel pain in joints and muscles the next morning.Status of comfort - and even a guarantee that you will not have thrown fitness after two or three first training!

All tips intensive instruction for newcomers to the sport are applicable only under the supervision of a trainer.It is no time?Nowhere to run (in the vicinity as luck would have no park or stadium), fitness room far away to swim in a public pool brezguesh, there is no place to put the bike, and the money for an expensive toy is not?Not Scary!Then you can go the other way, while carefully counting ... every step.To do this, you'll need a pedometer!This simple little thing counts steps, and even calories and amount of fat burned while.It is possible that the tossing out of the kitchen to the nursery, and vygulivaya dog running between floors in an office, you have amassed the required load.Now we know how to lose weight quickly without damage to health.

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