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Diet, the most effective and fast weight loss methods

Want to Lose Weight - Get color therapy, neuroendocrine system tuning to the corresponding wave.This method is used in the spa capsules, along with lymph drainage and contrasting effects on the problem areas, but also combined with a massage, or used as a standalone procedure.Lay yourself on the couch under a canopy of sheets stretched over arcs with flashing lights that change color every few seconds, and lose weight.

Dream, not figure correction!

With the help of color can fight against overweight and at home.Between getting rid of fat wear clothes and surround yourself with things, sustained in the range of harmony.

  • Red stimulates metabolism and burning calories.This is the number one color for dieters!
  • Yellow increases physical activity and the impact of training, as well as providing an antidepressant effect: when the mood at zero, it is difficult to resist the temptation to raise it with the cake or chocolate.
  • Blue and purple reduce hunger, are therefore preferred in the kitchen.If there i
    s a color plate of eggplant and azure sky, we can restrict smaller portions.Just do not go too far: an excess of blue, shades of blue and violet inhibits the metabolism and the nervous system, causing depressed and homesick.
  • White obtained by mixing all the rainbow colors - the color of sunlight, the lack of which causes us to fall into seasonal depression and gain extra weight during the cold season.Most of all, we polneem in rainy and snowless winter.If you will stand out in winter sunny day, choose to ski to enjoy the sparkling snow drifts - after a walk, you can lose weight just by 0.5-1 kg!To stay in the achieved weight puts emphasis on fresh spring shades of green.

Slim bit by bit

Throw kilos after a few grains will help diet, the most effective and fast weight loss methods - such a prospect seems incredible, but homeopathy works wonders.Specialist will select the appropriate medication according to your individual circumstances.Homeopaths do not treat some metabolic disorders or disease, and the particular person who suffers from the disorder, or otherwise.So you have a long and detailed conversation and detailed testing to determine the nature, portrait and psycho-physiological state of the nervous system.Perhaps some of the survey questions will seem irrelevant, if not stupid, but they have a hidden meaning.Do not fret and be patient!

Stick to the schedule receiving homeopathic preparations and begin to live a more active lifestyle.Just not right!After the second or third week of treatment, the first results - the surplus will begin to melt, and against this background it would be good to slightly increase physical activity.Usually the course is designed for six months and to keep the achieved weight, need to continue to restrict calories and as much as possible to move.If you go to a homeopath once, buy at the pharmacy for generic drug correction.The composition of such drugs generally include Ignatia, graphite, Ficus and other substances that normalize appetite and metabolism.They will help you lose weight, but the weight loss process will go not as active as when receiving individually chosen homeopathic complex.

Lose Weight hypnosis

from overeating and obsessive craving for unhealthy foods, can be encoded as alcoholism.How long will this psychological block - a month or ten years - depending on your personal wishes and the number of extra kilos.There are many such methods of hypnosis, for example, emotional stress therapy.But before resorting to coding, pass tests for susceptibility to hypnosis.Otherwise, your money and effort the doctor may be lost in vain, because one in five does not give this treatment!Note that the hypnosis, as well as other methods of treatment, contraindications.In the sessions should not go to people with diabetes, epilepsy, endocrine disorders, severe heart disease, pregnant and lactating women.In addition, the central nervous system can remove the block to suppress the appetite due to stress, illness, surgery.

Another bad thing: after a session may be severe headache, mood swings, anxiety.Many experts believe that the cause with the help of hypnosis aversion to certain foods is harmful to the patient's state of mind: so it is possible to provoke an emotional breakdown or cause the formation of neurosis.After all, a person consumes food mountains are not just - it "seizes" their problems, and therefore the task of the doctor - to establish the cause of wrong eating behavior and to relieve them of the patient.To do this, in some cases, do not even need to resort to hypnosis - enough to load the client into a state of light trance.By this technique resorting, for example, Erickson hypnosis sessions - this procedure hypnotic effect as such does not provide.Classes poeriksonovskomu hypnosis conducted individually, in the form of conversation: the doctor tells you in detail what is not very compelling story, scattering your attention and when you fall into a trance, asked for details in a scene that has medicinal value.This technique allows you to create an installation to reduce weight without violence against the person.Remember, no doctor would have to program the complete rejection of the favorite treats, a ban on food after 18:00.The doctor will inspire you to improve your figure, making experience elation and commitment to transformation.And you can easily namnete diet and will move more.You can learn the techniques and self-hypnosis.To get rid of excess weight is capable of auto-training session at bedtime.On the verge between sleep and wakefulness, we fall into a state of trance in which the subconscious mind can give the desired setting.

Identify a few problem areas and give the order to the body.It should be short, clear and free of denial.Particle "not" our subcortex not perceive.You say to yourself: "I want to I did not have cellulite," and the subconscious mind like a broken phone, transmits the order to be like a rugged skin orange.Another effective method - to try to control their dreams.For example, to call a dream about a morning jog.The young ladies who manage to do this, wake up in a sweat and lose weight: not noticing the trick the body during these virtual hard workouts to burn fat.

To find a cure, homeopaths ladies share a full five types depending on eating habits.

  • Pirozhnitsy obsessed with baking.They are very kind and impressionable, stung all the turmoil and seize their rolls.The shoulders and hips give these seem to be too narrow as compared with the bulky torso and abdomen.
  • Makaronnitsy love vermicelli, noodles and pasta, they are also compliant and spineless by nature.They can be found on the figure in the form of spaghetti: it is not narrowed at the waist and not extended to the hips.
  • Sugar can not live without the sweet.Hands and legs are thin and the fat is concentrated on his back, stomach and waist.They are quick-tempered and impulsive, as craving for sweets is not accidental!For those who like sweets, lowered levels of serotonin - a substance that elevates mood and relieves stress.
  • Mayoneznitsy everything pour your favorite sauce.Their body is like jelly.Women of this type is quite picky and like to be cajoled and coaxed a long time.
  • Kolbasnitsy crazy about meat, and their bodies, despite the fullness retain elasticity, but look a little butch.These ladies are independent, businesslike, straightforward, stubborn and sometimes there are harsh in their assessments.