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How to lose weight easily and permanently

vast majority of people who have at least once tried to commit suicide with being overweight, and resorting to starvation diets, they know as soon as you cease to comply with restrictive eating habits - weight immediately returned.Moreover, even with the spoil.Why is this happening?

Do not blame it on your body.He is supposed to behave according to the general laws of physiology.It is ironic, but diets provoke accumulation of body fat.During the period of the long evolution of the animals formed their protective measures in case of various disasters and other "dark days".These include and possible famine, in which a living being must survive.We can not afford a single act of will change or "turn off" the physiological laws.Understand our body in the long run anyway, what or who deprives him of his usual diet - external factors or ourselves.Whether it's our commitment to excellence, the physician or the coming ice age.The lack of food for the body is always worsened living conditions.And then the body h

as to begin preparations for survival, that is to store nutrients, and this is the process of increasing the accumulation of adipose tissue.In medical terms, this process is called "activation of lipoprotein lipase."Of course, for the period of strict diet reduced the weight, but to lose weight permanently is not possible.It is necessary to get out of it, man, fueled by the subconscious begins to select products that contain the most fat.But even if it is very closely monitoring your diet, the body will still try to extract the maximum amount of fat in all of the products and put them in reserve.

If ever withstand a strict diet, then certainly there will be big problems with health.We live at the expense of metabolism when something should leave the body, but something in return to get it.If the inflow is reduced over time can slow down certain processes occur in the body, can even complete their stop.For example, if completely eliminate from the diet of animal fats, it will inevitably lead to the minimization or complete disappearance of sexual desire.This is a sure path to impotence in men and early manifestations of menopause in women.The constant restrictions on food, sooner or later lead to anorexia nervosa (neurotic loss of appetite) or bulimia (overeating neurotic).

Here's what else is important to remember.As soon as you sit on a diet, wanting to lose weight easily and permanently, certainly begins to decrease metabolism.The body like waiting anxiously, would not return hungry times.Those who constantly torturing strict diet, doom your metabolism for the full imbalance and even death.Some women who were tortured starvation, the body begins to burn on a daily basis instead of 2000-2300 kcal, which are the norm, 800 kcal, which is already pathology.

So whether it is possible to say goodbye to excess weight, not condemning to death of your health?Is it possible to lose weight without dieting, lose weight without stress and generally any tension?Can!We just do not spend the effort to combat the organism, and send them to mutually beneficial cooperation.Scientists presented the newest method, which is based on a 3-day cycle metabolism.

core values ​​and the importance of this method - it helps to lose weight without having to enter the body into a state of stress and panic.After all, this leads to an intense accumulation of fat and the effect of swings - from falling to an even greater weight of its ascending.What prevents the common defect systems weight loss?This system was originally developed based on the law of human physiology.

The bottom line is that the energy expended by us today, will start its replenishment only the day after, that is, on the 3rd day.If today you go and work out in the gym or resort to physical labor, and thus even refuse to eat, no effect is not lead.But if you're after exercise on day 3 slightly restrict your diet, it will give the desired effect - you will begin to lose weight.

This does not have to starve, it is even unacceptable - a sense of nagging hunger automatically launch the lipoprotein lipase on the accumulation of fat.So, for the past 2 days you eat normally.On the third day of a tightly eat breakfast, do not forget about useful vitamins and minerals.So your body will calm down and will not experience stress.But lunch and dinner you exclude.This appetite can be easily fooled.Make it very simple.Appetite is directly dependent on the level of glucose in the blood - less than her, the more you feel hungry.You just need to slightly increase your blood sugar levels to reduce the feeling of hunger.This can be done as follows.

Our body secretes a glucose reserves, which are concentrated in the muscles and liver as animal starch - glycogen.There are a number of special substances which can liberate the glucose from wherever it is stored.This can be achieved by using so-called sympathoadrenal means.These include caffeine.Therefore, coffee and tea, wherein the caffeine is contained even in larger amounts than in the coffee, it is possible to replace the food.The effect is achievable for a short time, but you just enough.If on the 3rd day after the physical activity you replace lunch and dinner, a cup or two of tea, the feeling of hunger does not threaten you.The body somehow manage to make up the day before yesterday the cost of energy, but it will be done quietly, of course, from internal reserves.And what in our body stocks?Adipose tissue.This method allows you to lose weight without dieting, lose weight without stress, lose weight easily and permanently.It is also important that this method and does not affect the skin, as it does not interfere with their metabolism.

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