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How to lose excess weight: diet for Gourmets

Through diet for Gourmets "smoothies", you can get rid of 2 kg of excess weight in a week.The basis of this diet is yogurt.In this drink add your favorite fruits or vegetables, and using a blender make a cocktail.Fruits should not choose high-calorie.Also, bring a variety of cocktails with berries, even if they are frozen.Sugar in the cocktail is better not to add.

your menu for the day should be something like this: for breakfast - a fruit smoothie;lunch and dinner do smoothies with vegetables and cereals.To give your body get the necessary protein necessary once a day to eat a small piece of fish or a piece of lean meat.Fish and meat should be boiled.

candy diet.

People leading an active life, tell us about the candy diet.For example, climbers noticed that eating 100 grams of candy a day, the energy loss does not occur.And hunger is suppressed.Britney Spears enjoyed just such a diet - the result is obvious.If you decide to use candy diet, it is best to use hard candy with the lowest dyes.A "l

ollipop" and many other foreign candies contain high amounts of chemicals and dyes, which are harmful to the body, so do not dwell on them the choice.

candy diet will help this week to lose the excess weight in the region of 2-3 kg.It is worth noting that for a long time, "feast" sweet you can not, after a few days you will not be able to look sweet, but 2 liters of water a day for you to become the norm.Here's a little tip: During the day, eat candy, discard food after 18.00 - replace evening snacks juices.If you are going to sit on such a diet, make sure you take calcium, which can be bought in pharmacies.

chocolate diet.

So how, speaking about the diet for gourmands, not to mention the chocolate diet.But it is worth to mention that more than one week to sit on such a diet is not recommended.Chocolate diet is very simple: a day should eat two candy bars, the weight of which should be no more than 40 grams and made of dark chocolate, and after three hours after a meal you can drink coffee or green tea.Such a diet is quite tough, but it will get rid of 5-6 kg of 5 days.Contraindications of the diet - liver disease.

Choose a diet for you, but before you use it, be sure to consult with your doctor.