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A foreign body in the nose

As we have seen, foreign bodies in the nasal cavity may be either intentionally in the game, and by accident, as a result of circumstances.In addition, a foreign body in the cavity of the nose kid might not only because he inhaled it, and on the other hand - with the nasopharynx, for example, if the baby ate and suddenly choked on a piece of food.

not always possible to immediately understand that the child something stuck in the nose, especially if you are not present when it happened.At the same time, and the baby can not always explain what his nose got foreign body.Therefore it is useful to know the basic signs that in the nasal cavity there are still something extraneous.All these signs of the child will be shown as soon as there was an unpleasant situation, and your job is only to consider them from entering the nasal cavity foreign body to begin first aid.So back to the grounds:

1) the child began to complain that he had a sore nose, and one nostril barely breathable, ie, breathing is difficul


2) in contact with a foreign body in the nose can cause local bleeding;

3) possibly bleeding and will not, however, from the nose (more precisely, from the nasal passage, wherein foreign matter stuck) appear mucus, and they do not stop for a long period of time.

Now let's deal with the first aid that should have affected any adult child, who was nearby.What to do in a situation where the nasal passage kid hit some object?

1. If your child is old enough and smart, and you can ask him not breathing nose and mouth breathing - do it.

2. Now try to make a maneuver that can help a child on their own to get rid of a foreign body in the nasal passage.To start, determine which nostril breathes freely (ie, one in which there is nothing), and then carefully close it, push your finger through it to not act and did not leave the air.Now, let the kid breathe deeply as possible for breath, and exhale with force through the second, "clogged" nostril.He should feel - whether foreign body moved by the nasal passage, bringing you to the door, or left in place.If the procedure is unsuccessful (ie. E., A foreign body is moving toward the exit), then it should be repeated until the nostril is not available.

3. However, no matter what you do, there's no better way to clean the tip of the unwanted particles or objects than sneezing.It can cause artificially - need only to breathe a little pepper.

4. If this unpleasant situation occurred with a very young child who can not yet understand your requirements, making it impossible to conduct the above maneuvers, then you might find the following method.Close the finger healthy nostril (and you need to know which of them - healthy, at least because it is likely the baby when you are stuck to himself in the nose, as well as on how to breathe each nostril), and dobaby blow in her mouth.

5. All of these techniques are usually contribute to the removal of nasal foreign body, but if you do not succeed, and in the nasal cavity is still a foreign object - then the urgent need to go to the doctor.

Also, doctors recommend not to start the rescue operation (that is, of what we just talked about - pressing the nostrils, a sharp exhalation, etc.) until you have a small drip spout special victim vasoconstrictor drops.And they have to be exactly in the form of drops, is used for this purpose, or an aerosol spray is not recommended, as the head of the drug can only deepen the position of a foreign body in the nose of the child.

Now I would like to inform you that, in some cases, seeking medical care should be mandatory.So, if you have already completed the entire set of rescue measures which have had the result of a foreign body, and pushed out of the nasal cavity of the child, but even then he had been bleeding heavily, you can not stop in any way.Also, access to a doctor is necessary when after the removal of foreign body, at least another 24 hours breathing returns to normal, and can not recover, and the child still complains of pain, and of the affected nasal passage continues to stand out a liquid substance.

In such a situation where the child's health threatened even some little thing, an important rule - not watching him and not leave one, especially if the child is very young and does not understand that the definition of his actions, he can not afford to hurt even more.What can not be done if the nasal cavity got something?

- you can not try to free the nasal passage from what you do not see;

- you can not try to remove the foreign body with tweezers, cotton swab, and similar items as they can just shove the subject even further;

- can not press down with your finger the nostril in which a foreign body stuck;

- should not attempt to wash the nose;

- if you can not help and therefore called "fast" - did not give your child anything to eat or drink until the medics arrive.

In principle, almost any potentially dangerous situation can be avoided only need to develop certain rules of conduct and safety in the games.If your baby is very small - do not let him play with toys that are made up of small details.This includes plastic rattles with small balls.In addition, you can not leave unattended children themselves - until they reach a certain age, when these silly games they are not interesting.

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