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Apgar - height and weight

But as you know, are interested in the newly made mum literally everything about her crumbs.So let's deal with that in the "mark" roddomovskie doctors put a newborn baby?Apgar score - a special table for the assessment of a child in the very first moments of life.The method itself was proposed by an American doctor, anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar in 1952.It was intended for middle-level medical personnel to quickly find, some newborn babies should be given more attention.Since the Apgar score is a fairly objective, this method even today continues to serve the same purpose.It allows physicians to spend time emergency medical procedures, the need for specific child.Apgar height and weight to estimate is not difficult, the main thing - correctly.

health status of the child is evaluated on five indicators:

♦ breathing;

♦ heartbeat;

♦ muscle tone;

♦ reflexes;

♦ skin color.

No special tests and investigations in the delivery room is not carried out: neonatologists, using only their senses and stetho

scope, listening and examining the baby and for each indicator exposes 0.1 or 2 points.The maximum score is 10. The total scoring is carried out twice in the first and fifth minutes of life of the baby.Therefore, estimates are always two: for example, 8/9 points.This is most often the fifth minute of the baby adds confidently currently 1-2 score.Note that the 10 points today kids get rarely to blame for the unfavorable environment, and doctors are cautious.Most children recruited from 7 to 10 points, and this result is considered good.These children right in the delivery room should be attached to the mother's breast, and thereafter they require only routine care.Status kid who received 5-6 points is considered satisfactory, but requires some remedial measures.But those kids who got 4 points or less, need urgent medical care for the prevention of serious diseases and even save their lives.

Love works wonders

At discharge assessment Apgar necessarily put in the child card exchange, which is required primary care pediatrician local clinic.Of course, low scores are a signal for the doctor: these kids need closer medical supervision from both a pediatrician and possibly a neurologist, cardiologist, orthopedic surgeon and ophthalmologist.Unfortunately, children who received low scores, some problems in health.Therefore, the task of parents - to carry out all-purpose professionals.At the same time it is not necessary to worry unduly: Apgar score - not assessment and development of the child in general, and especially not the assessment of its intellectual potential.As the long-standing practice, children with low Apgar scores rather quickly catch up if they receive enough mother's milk, soft gentle care and affection.It is no secret that parental love vibes win any ailments.Moreover, parental care, attention, love, allow your child to be healthy in the future and get high scores, regardless of those that were exposed in the delivery room.By the way, in a gymnasium class children learn a variety of estimates of Apgar (there is also a "vosmiballny" Boy, there are "troeshnik").But the teacher said that in this class the students are capable of everything, successful and everyone is talented in his own way!