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Where can I make a child cranial ultrasonography?


ultrasonic signal is fed through the largest - the anterior fontanelle, located at the junction of the frontal and parietal bones and usually overgrown by the year (others are closed for 2-3 th month).That's why neurosonography - research designed for newborns and babies.In the first days and weeks of life pass through it so many kids.The ultrasound passes freely filled cerebrospinal fluid of the brain cavity (ventricles) tanks passes through the white matter and gray here, in particular, gyrus of brain cortex and basal ganglia and vascular plexus retards it.But an even greater obstacle to the ultrasonic beam are places hemorrhages, bleeding (ischemia) of the brain and damage its cells as a result of birth trauma, intrauterine infection or hereditary defects that violate the proper formation of the child's brain.The sooner they are found, the sooner you can start treatment and the more fully will be able to recover the central nervous system.When neurosonography not need any preparation of th

e child.It lasts a quarter of an hour (the device emits ultrasound only 5-6 seconds - the rest of the time he listens to the echoes, turning them into images) and does not cause discomfort to the kid.Is that a little layer of gel cools the head, but after the procedure it is removed immediately!

Why the kid can not sleep ...

  • hungry?Fats found in mother's milk, act as a sedative on the crumbs.By evening, the content increases, longer to digest milk and satiety missing almost until morning.Therefore, babies who are breastfed, sleep tight.
  • little weasel?If you are less likely to try to take the crumbs on his hands to keep up sissy, he will miss your kindness, and this is a serious cause for neurosis in such crumbs!
  • perevozbudilsya?Excite the baby may actively communicate with the pope returned from work.
  • nap lasted?Falling asleep is divided into three periods - sleepiness (desire to sleep), drowsiness (falling asleep) and sleep properly.To snooze is not delayed, eliminate anything that might disturb it.
  • Calm insomnia - so called pediatricians vigil baby when he wakes up and quietly babbling plays that falls under the arm: a pacifier, their own arms and legs, short, entertaining himself and gradually lulls.Pobodrstvovav little, he fell asleep.
  • ill?Restless night precedes colds, intestinal infection, aggravation of diathesis, teething.If your child frowns, frowns, cries in his sleep, often wakes up and cries - means to him that something was wrong.Show it to the doctor!

Kids, was born in the breech position or is in the oblique and transverse position, requires observation of the neurologist.Thus was born harder because they are more common asphyxia, birth trauma and perinatal encephalopathy (PEP).With timely treatment of all take place in the first months of life, but if you do not do neurological problems at once, they created new, limiting motor and intellectual abilities of the child.By the way, kesaryatam constant monitoring in the first year is also necessary!

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