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How to surprise a man in bed?

Go shopping and buy himself new clothes - a frank, daring.A touch of cool silk to the naked body is able to have a crazy guy.Pay attention to the color - it should not be pale pink, and something aggressive, black or red.Imagine how nice it would be surprised is your favorite, you will not see on the usual shorts and lace seductive lingerie.

used in speech hints and playfulness.Experienced "bad" girls are able to get the guy aroused only by a few phrases, delicately playing hints and leading the conversation is almost on the verge of a "taboo" topics.To try out as effectively in a conversation with your partner and with a hint playfully say that most excites you ... coffee (but not tea or energy drinks) and then asked to discuss the most interesting ... yoga pose.Take off your panties

pack and get rid of it in his pocket, and then, seizing the moment, tell him you without underwear.Try passionate whisper the magic words for men at a time when he is not paying attention to you (for example, engaged in

conversation with friends).You can add a bit of fantasy, such as "my dear, I'm all wet."You will immediately see how he smiles and switches focus on you and how you like to stay together.

can try popristavat the guy not only in the usual points, but when he did not expect, for example, began to unbutton his pants at a time when he talks on the phone or doing something not very important, just toHe waited for it the least.This is not only a man surprised, but excited, because of the "respectable" women, to which he was accustomed, it is difficult to expect such a bold and sexual acts.Try

option with erotic dance.Create a romantic atmosphere (twilight, the absence of any interference, etc.) and start to undress slowly to the music.From a certain point, you can continue to dance in his lap.But do not let him to touch you as long as you will not feel that he was just going crazy with desire - it will make the closeness just insanely nice and passionate.

Do not forget about the tools that enhance the sex drive - they include a variety of cosmetic products with aphrodisiacs, certain foods, erotic massage with aromatic oils and so on. It is worth mentioning two points.First, make sure in advance that your partner is allergic to a substance, and secondly, even if he does not suffer from allergies, do not over-zealous with different fragrances and flavors.If you want to resort to massage, it should be done at a moderate pace - if the rate is too high, then the man can not properly relax and tune in intimacy, and when too low might just fall asleep.And a little advice - massage can be done not only by hand, use your imagination - in your favorite kiss, biting, or anything else like that.

If you want to surprise him in bed, you can use a variety of sexy accessories and attributes, such as metal handcuffs, whips and so on.Here, too, it may be advisable not to overdo it - you want to bring a partner, not scare him too bold experiment.

Try to get as much pleasure - do not stop at anything, feel free to talk about how you like best, try everything you've been dreaming of, offers to test new positions and techniques, often talked to him on the subject of thathe wants and what you would like.Throw false modesty, let your passion lead you.Believe me, your beloved will be pleased your looseness and boldness, so once again - safely!Feel free to express themselves and try new things!