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How to engage in oral sex

How correctly to engage in oral sex?This issue is likely to ask each one who for the first time faced with this kind of intimate caresses.In fact, how to engage in oral sex, there is some certain rules, because each person is unique - some pleasure for one thing, some another.

Knowing how well oral sex would be useful and the fair sex, even if so far they have not faced such wishes from their sexual partners.It will be wrong to think that the pleasure in this kind of sex is very simple, and assume that women are in any case we can see how to caress a man orally, especially if it before do not do it.

In any case, to have oral sex view, first of all you need to love to do it, but not overpowering, and push yourself just because of the fact that your partner persuades or forces you to.Any intimate intercourse should be an act of understanding and love, well, or whether this should strive for.

unlikely that someone unfamiliar men allow women to get to the "innermost" that only he has, and then close your

eyes and give her control.On the contrary, most likely a man will try to manage the entire process, so that everything went as expected.And it is probably a plus, because it after a few times under the leadership of men, even the most inexperienced partner to learn how to please him oral route.Also, monitoring of the process itself of oral sex can achieve additional excitement.

As oral sex

First, it is the most important thing - do not let the monotony!Like the usual sex, oral will also deliver a lot more fun if affection be varied.All touch and affection to the direct act should be light and gentle - because of this excitement will be much stronger.When a woman is playing, teasing and ignites the desire - her partner reaches the peak of pleasure.Incidentally, the increased sucking the penis of the partner may not give such an excitation, which give light kisses and gentle touches the tongue and lips.Touching the head of the penis, sliding his tongue along petting edging head - all these actions can lead a man to the top of bliss.It should also be borne in mind that you should not try to do everything, what to do during such sex actress from the appropriate kind of movie, because we must remember that in all these films often greatly exaggerated and reckless sudden movements may result in either the loss of erection,or else to orgasm too quickly, which is not very good.

One of the most preferred item by men - is one in which a woman during the act of kneeling.Among women, it is widely believed that if a man wants to offend, "belittle" the woman.However, this is not true - in fact, a man in this position is easiest to control the process and watch the alluring views.The disadvantage is the posture that quickly tired legs, so it is best to lie or sit down and stay a suitable woman for her way on all fours or kneeling between the legs of a man.This posture excites a man much stronger, because it can see how seductively swaying buttocks partner.The woman, this position is advantageous in that it can control the rhythm of penetration, its depth and rhythm.Very often, such a posture is gradually transformed from well-known partners in the position 69, which enables both partners caress each other oral route.