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Aphrodisiac for women

Nowadays medical study revealed that the main source, which increases libido, are such as the vitamins A, B, C and especially vitamin E. Vitamin E is often even called the vitamin of reproduction, since the human reproductive system reduces its activityif there is a lack of this vitamin in the body received food.

Now on sale there is a wide range of tools that increase libido, increasing sexual desire.A large part of them are designed for women.These drugs help to stimulate blood circulation in the erogenous zones, which makes them much more sensitive.In most cases the basis of these drugs are vitamins E and A, which largely contribute to the production of sex hormones.Also, they often include various plant extracts such as ginseng, yohimbe, and widely known exotic insects such as cantharis.Of course, it is worth noting that all of these funds have the effect only if both partners feel the desire - to drugs can not do it all in person, they only help a woman relax and increase the pleasure of intercour


causative drugs for women are available in a variety of forms, eg for internal use:

  • Stimulating potions for women in tablets.The most famous of these drugs - Viagra for women.This tool is very powerful, use it almost guarantees a significant increase in libido.
  • Stimulating potions for women in the drops.This drug just a few drops and a short time after taking a woman not know - it wakes up unbridled desire to engage in hot sex.One of these drugs is the above-mentioned Spanish fly.

Effect of dietary supplements most notably with regular use.Typically, they begin to act on the stage of foreplay, helping to accelerate the emergence of sexual arousal of the partners.

How to apply?

Any of these stimulants should be used with extreme caution, as there are a number of diseases in which it is not recommended to use these funds, so before you buy them, it is best to consult a doctor.

also in their use should be strictly comply with the dosage, otherwise the result will not be the desired excitement, and the occurrence of an allergic reaction or a surge of nervous system.

preparations intended for ingestion, it is necessary to take or on an empty stomach or after some light foods such as fruit and vegetables.Not recommended for sweets, alcohol and fatty foods - they prevent the absorption of drugs, thereby reducing their effect.

for external use should be applied shortly before sexual intercourse right on the authorities.The purpose of these funds - increased blood flow in the right parts of the body and increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

Before purchasing aphrodisiacs intended for ingestion, it is best to consult a specialist, because there are many such drugs contraindications, among which are diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, nervous exhaustion, exacerbation of chronic diseases, and the like.

Do not forget that these funds are only ancillary, they can not just make a woman want sex, but only help to get him more pleasure.

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