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How to overcome the stiffness during sex

few people can ignore the similar troubles in life and usually they are not so significant that could significantly limit our sex life.As a rule, we can preserve the freedom of the circumstances and the types of activities that force us feel uncomfortable, but in extreme situations, braking can badly enough to break the sex life, forcing us to suppress their emotions and feelings, or even completely avoid sex.

Here's self-help program.Its purpose - to help adjust your scope of behavior change is the wrong approach to sex, to replace the actions of new, more flexible.

sexy wine.How to overcome it?Most importantly, when you feel a sense of guilt in sex - to learn how to be sexy, give yourself the right to do, to get the most out of what is happening during foreplay, intercourse.

following tips will help improve your sexuality.It is important not to suppress their sexual desires, need to begin to think of yourself as a man, had an interest in sexual activity.

Activate the imagination.Good start working

on it with a work of imagination, since it is easier to overcome the stiffness in his imagination than in reality.If you find it difficult to imagine, use sexually explicit books and magazines to stimulate the imagination.Do not worry if you are a fantasy involving not only your partner but also with other people, or you present episodes that cause terror.Fantasy in our case - a way to explore feelings, long suppressed and does not necessarily indicate your preferences.It does not mean that you will begin to implement in the future fantasy in reality.

Love your body.Review approach to sexuality.Imagine what would have appreciated an experienced adult is your attitude toward sex.Simply consider any preconceived beliefs, if you know about them the first time.Whether they are based only on emotions, and therefore it is difficult to justify mind?If so, try to get rid of them once and for all.

Become a hedonist.Change the judgment: "Every pleasure for pleasure wrongfully."So usually argue men carrying a heavy load of sexual guilt.If you think that a little work and relaxed, making a waste is not only the most necessary things, you are unlikely to enjoy life.Feelings of guilt over a wrong way of life you will be a hindrance.Try to make yourself more susceptible to a variety of pleasures in life freeing space for sensual pleasure - for music, delicious food, literature, paintings or erotic content.This will more easily refer to sex as an important source of pleasure.

If you find difficult to accept the fact that sexual feelings are legitimate, it is obvious to you is inherent in rational appraisal of his conduct.

During intercourse, it is necessary to feel and experience, to cease to be a greater degree observer.Intercourse, try to focus on that experience from contact with the body of his partner.

not hold back for fear of appearing ridiculous, vulnerable or unworthy of attention.Do not be constrained.Did you ever have intercourse in silence to draw less attention to their actions, or because he did not think it necessary to show his pleasure and behave frankly.

overcome this constraint in sex can be deliberately losing self-control in sexual intercourse.For example, you can express your feelings cry, more heavy breathing or active With the motion.Expressing pleasure in any way pleasant for you.Perhaps the first time it will be easier to do during masturbation.