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What determines the female orgasm

And do not despair if during lovemaking can not reach orgasm, because the sexual satisfaction of women is influenced by many factors.You should not jump to conclusions that man is behaving improperly or cold relations between the partners.Below is what determines the female orgasm.

menstrual cycle

Orgasm depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle.It is known that there is some relationship between hormonal status of women and orgasm.Although we can not reduce everything only to the physiological characteristics of the female sex.

revealed that some women feel a strong sexual attraction in the middle of the menstrual cycle, then an orgasm is achieved.In those days, the probability of getting pregnant significantly grows and enters into force on the psychological factor.The woman is afraid of unplanned conception that prevents her to enjoy sex.Although masturbation it can easily achieve orgasm.

And therein lies the explanation for the fact that some women are easy to reach orgasm during menstruati

on, when their head is free from thoughts of an accidental pregnancy.

orgasm in women during pregnancy and lactation

Many women no longer feel sexual desire and orgasm during pregnancy and lactation (worth mentioning that the known cases of the opposite).In fact, an orgasm - is to develop a mechanism for thousands of years.Nature perfected it in order to increase the number of copulations, and hence the probability of leaving offspring.It turns out that when pregnancy occurs in a woman orgasm is no longer needed.

Anatomical features women

Often women can not enjoy sex because the partner does not know her erogenous zones.Many women simply need simultaneous stimulation of these erogenous zones like the clitoris, vagina, nipples, perineum.

Such zones are individual women, so it's worth talking to the partner about their preferences in sex.

psychology of women and orgasm

Whatever especially not in the female body, the main limiting factor for the onset of orgasm, is psychological.

revealed that a full orgasm more likely to have those women who are fully trusted partner.For a woman, it is important to feel and see the desire and efforts of man to please her sex, while carefully treating it.

Many women are simply afraid of losing some control over themselves, because then they will face a partner in the ugly form.Such shyness causes the woman continuously monitors their facial expressions, movements during sex.It does not give her to relax and have fun.In this situation, an important role for the man.He must place his caresses a woman, words, movements.


results of the research of the Scottish scientists say that a woman's ability to achieve orgasm may depend on her gait.According to them, a woman with a relaxed gait, prone to feeling an orgasm more often than others.This is because the energy coming from the legs to the spine, rises more freely gait with swaying hips.

There is evidence that the likelihood of orgasm in women is greatly enhanced if it put on socks.This is confirmed by statistics, according to which women have sex in socks, often get satisfaction compared with those who did not wear clothes.These observations are explained by the presence of specific receptors on the foot, which can be activated upon the occurrence of orgasm.

A similar effect may be obtained if making love in high-heeled shoes.In addition, they contribute to the achievement of orgasm in women, they look very sexy.These results were obtained by Italian scientists, based on a study of women wearing heels height of 7 cm. This fact is explained by the fact that these women have pelvic floor muscles get stronger, which increases sexual arousal.