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Sex life after an abortion

After an abortion the woman should follow the rules of personal hygiene, besides sex life after an abortion shall be renewed for at least three weeks, but it's better to wait until after the abortion of the first month and then resuming sexual relations.Time constraints prevent sex not only the development of gynecological diseases, but also the ability to become pregnant again.Especially dangerous in this regard sexual relations after a medical abortion, because in two weeks restores fertility.Partners after an abortion is best to abstain from unprotected sex for at least six months, even if there are plans to get pregnant.This is due primarily to the fact that the female body has yet to recover, which means that the risk of pregnancy pathologies too large.It is no coincidence sex after an abortion is an indication for the use of contraceptives, the use of which is categorical.

most common contraceptive is condom use.Condoms protect against and even sexually transmitted infections, but not by themselv

es protect against pregnancy by 100%, but along with other contraceptives.

Using aperture - another method of contraception, which can not be used after an abortion (12 weeks or more of gestation) for two months.After an abortion, sexual life, as we are assured gynecologists, should be continued with the use of hormonal contraception.In this case, oral contraceptives better use those in which low levels of hormones.After the abortion, regular oral contraceptives is required to not only prevent conception, but also regulate menstruation, reduce the likelihood of developing inflammatory diseases.

After abortion can not be installed as intrauterine devices, since they can worsen the situation (the complication rate increases).

sterilization of women - is perhaps the most radical method of contraception, after which a woman can never have children, since this process is irreversible.After

mini abortion sexuality must also be protected, as well as after medication abortion method.Although mini abortions and less traumatic, but the risk of infection is high.In addition, the probability of subsequent pregnancy are also very high.

After abortion lost interest in sex

If some women after abortion can hardly wait for the resumption of sexual relations, others on the contrary, lose all interest in sex.Lack of interest in sexual relations - it is quite predictable consequence of abortion.Since abortion is primarily a woman's life for life leaves its mark.Eventually course condition is improving, but no one forgets about the event.

Most couples when faced with problems caused by the abortion and can not cope with them, because of that leave.And if a woman in late pregnancy miscarriage happens it just exacerbates the situation between the partners.

how will be transferred abortion is influenced by several factors: the age at which the term was an abortion, the duration of the relationship with the partner, whether the decision was mutual.After the procedure, develop problems caused by hormones, which is why a woman may lose interest in sex.Often partners resent each other, and sometimes hate.

solve the problem of the reluctance to make love, can be solved through fair frank conversation, so as to avoid criticism, but to concentrate on the promotion.

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