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Features female orgasm

word orgasm is derived from the Greek word orgao, which means "burn with passion."Orgasm - is the highest point, the peak of sexual arousal, after which there is a sharp release of sexual tension.Men experience an orgasm during puberty: at first they had ejaculation orgasm.Subsequently orgasm happens at each ejaculation and almost any act of intercourse, which is a powerful incentive for men to further sexual contact.In women, everything is different.The appearance of the first menstruation does not imply that a woman can feel the orgasm.Biologists believe that the characteristics of the female orgasm lies in the fact that it is not biologically feasible to continue the family line, because the main task of women - is the process of gestation and the subsequent birth.That is why, in their opinion, the ability to have an orgasm in women is not programmed, unlike men.

specialists sexology isolated intercourse following phases: excitement, then "plateau", the next phase - and after this orgasm - Refractio

n (otherwise relaxing).

Orgasm is a state which differs from the excitation at this moment, all the stored energy in the form of spills muscle contractions that are not controlled.There are indirect signs by which we can say that there was an orgasm: shortness of breath, or just a short-term delay of breath, convulsive movements of the body and so forth.

At the moment of orgasm in women are bright impressions, unlike men.Some women feel the heat in the genitals, which spreads through the body.Someone there are strong contraction of vaginal muscles, and someone just tingling, but they cover the entire body from head to toe.At the same female features orgasm and feelings at the time of its occurrence can vary over time.

Scientists have conducted electrophysiological studies of the brain and women revealed that they had changes occur in the brain, such as those that come with the seizures.That is why some women can not control themselves when feelings of violent experiences.They can bite, cry, scream, and so on. If they restrain their emotions, their orgasm will be incomplete, and this may lead to a neurosis or false frigidity.

There are three types of female orgasm, which vary depending on the place of occurrence: vaginal, ekstravaginalny and mixed.The second type includes oral, clitoral, anal orgasms and others.

sexologists separately emit so-called psychological orgasm.Such an orgasm can occur, for example, when watching a movie or reading erotic content, in a dream, and so forth. Clitoral orgasm in such situations is experienced forty-five per cent of women.It used to be that only the vaginal orgasm may be the real female orgasm.Physiologically, a real orgasm, if it led to a corresponding discharge and can bring satisfaction.

Among women found a small part of those that do not feel excitement.This is due to a physiological or hormonal disturbances that occurred in their body.


If a woman feels the desire and ability to excite, but discharge during intercourse does not occur, then talk about the phenomenon as anorgasmia.Physiologically, every woman is able to have an orgasm if she has no hormonal disorders.An exception may be those women who suffer from vaginismus, or if the woman and her partner there is a clear discrepancy between the genitals.Statistics show that orgasm experience from forty to seventy percent of women.From 10 to 20% of women frigid.And it says that from ten to fifty percent of women do not get an orgasm, for reasons that are not related to physiology.

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