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If the husband refuses wife for sex

Life and arguments against intimate life

most popular explanation if their husbands wives refuse sex - is routine in lovemaking.According to the majority of men in their sexual lives with his wife no novelty, respectively, they lose all interest in his wife.Here, as a rule, much must depend on the manifestations of fantasy of the woman, because the husband loses interest in the first place, to the process and can not get any pleasure from sex.But the blame lay not one partner is not worth it.Refreshing and make a variety of sex should try both spouses.Often, the reason lies in an unstable family life, for example, constant quarrels, infidelity, and so on. D. This may also include another factor when a spouse refuses intimacy, which is associated with the lack of pleasure in women.It is these two factors are the main reasons for refusal to perform the conjugal duty.

Blood offense

happens that the man does not want intimacy with his wife due to the fact that she did something to hurt this way and

he wants her to teach.Anger at his wife calls her a negative attitude and kills any desire to be close to her.By the way, this practice of "separation from the body" - the prerogative of not only the fairer sex.Men also use it perfectly for their own purposes.By the way, plus everything, apart from intimacy with his wife, the husband could give preference to watching porn movies or websites.It says that a man wants to replace the reality of fantasies.In this case, if it happens consistently, it is appropriate to turn to a psychologist for advice.

Complexes blazing

third cause of failure in sex wife - a woman no longer interested spouse sexually.There are appropriate adultery on both sides.This could include another cause that is related to the constant attacks on her husband's wife.In these attacks the wife accuses the husband of all the shortcomings and criticism.This is where a man and develops an inferiority complex that makes him think that he did not mean for a woman.

Completeness wife

Of course, this does not happen with all couples, but still the fact remains.It happens that after childbirth a woman gains weight, or simply ceased to monitor their appearance (many familiar with the situation when a woman in a dirty bathrobe with curlers on her hair in the morning until the evening standing at the plate).And as we all know, men love with their eyes, so becoming unattractive wife no longer interested in her husband as a sexual object.Much worse in this situation, if the spouse not only denies his wife's intimacy, but avoids her hugs, caresses and kisses.

Straight Talk

If this happens and the man tries to "otmazatsya" to perform the conjugal duty, it is imperative to find out the main reason because of which this is happening.This can be done with the help of a frank conversation with a spouse or a closely observe the behavior of it.In a number of the most common reasons that negatively affect the sexual relationship, it is possible to allocate the change of roles of husband and wife.Man - this is always a leader, but often in the family, took the woman is very upset husband.There is still to give the initiative in the hands of men, and not only in sex, but also in everyday life.The husband feels the head of the family and will make every attempt to retain the title, paying tribute to his wife in the form of sex.

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