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Female orgasm and Simulation

desire to quickly finish

The most common reason for the simulation of orgasm in women is the desire to quickly complete the sexual act.Hypocrisy in this case is the method to hasten partner.His woman he was "satisfied" it is time to reach orgasm and himself.

Very often simulated orgasm may be caused if the proximity with a man for a woman is not desirable.Perhaps the decision was therefore made under pressure or her thoughts are any problems.Trouble at work, hard day, the child's illness - all of which can lead to simulate orgasm, in order to finish the act of intimacy.All these factors distract a woman, do not give to relax and have fun.Therefore, an intimate relationship is considered as a woman all special duties, along with other family and household responsibilities.This makes her the desire to finish quickly.

important factor is the problem of female health.If having sex makes women more sensitive, orgasm, simulation allows it to stop and relax.In addition, there are cases when the female or

gasm is the woman pain and discomfort.Women with this problem often resort to solitary self-satisfaction.Therefore, during sexual intercourse, simulating orgasm, they strive to ensure that at least their partner feel good.

Orgasm as a sign of gratitude

Another common cause of orgasm imitation is the desire of women for something to thank her man.For example, a woman returned home a romantic dinner prepared by her partner or some valuable gift.And even if a woman has sex, there is no sentiment, it does so as a token of gratitude, resulting in faking an orgasm.

Following stereotypes

sometimes feigned action woman explained her reluctance to look frigid.All the media around just doing what they say about the problems of frigidity, which can cause a woman to attribute the problem itself.Moreover, modern society says that this sexy woman should be expressed in her constant desire for sex.Trying to follow these stereotypes, female and resorted to simulate orgasm.

Ever notice simulation male

clear answer to this question is difficult.Everything depends on the observation of man and acting abilities of his partner.Behavior and feelings of each person individually.Each orgasm is one and the same person can manifest itself in different ways.There are men who are very sensitive to the issue of female orgasm, forcing them to seek some answers to specific sites or in literature.Then they try to recognize his partner have signs of the orgasm.And if at least one of the "points" will be out, such a man can blame the woman in the simulation, even if there was a real orgasm.But fortunately these curious men far enough.

harm to the female body

Doctors have long proved that imitation female orgasm can cause significant damage to her body.This physiological discharge is necessary and useful for women.And it's not just physical, but also mental health.In addition, if the partner relationship for many years once a woman expose hypocrisy, it can give a serious rift in their relationship.

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