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Romantic evening for two, the script

Among the stars

Bring your scene in unusual romantic atmosphere.Only an experienced director will succeed natural and interesting.So imagine: underfoot shimmering lights of the city.Overhead, the stars shine.Their light is reflected in the bubbles of champagne ... However, such a scene requires thorough preparation.At a minimum, you need to find a suitable roof: a safe and wonderful view of the horizon.For your service - Rufer.For these people to meet a dawn and sunset, admiring the city from a great height, - the meaning of life.It is enough to ask the question of the appropriate forum home - and you'll get an address, a way around the obstacle as a concierge or intercom and a list of needed items.Useful karemat, warm but thin blanket to protect themselves from the wind.Glasses and, of course, sparkling.However, semi-sweet red or white dry, too ... perfect for sunset.For dessert - kissing and everything it will push the circumstances.For those who are not ready for such an adventure, there are more

banal, but glamorous option.Find a rooftop restaurant.It offers excellent cuisine and a night view of the metropolis.Perhaps unobtrusive live music and sweating bottle of "Madame Clicquot" in an ice bucket.In such a romantic setting nice to remember how it all began, and admire the fact what it led to ... Romance in a pure form.One drawback in this comfortable pastime still there.For dessert, you only get tiramisu.The conditions do not allow for more.We'll have to wait at least until the taxi.

stay home

How do you such a romantic option: to send their children to the grandparents, to drive to the market and ask for your favorite back from work earlier.What for?Think of an excuse, far from the reality that you're cooking.Actually, about cooking.Salad with prawns, pineapple and celery clearly be superfluous in the table.You can submit a rice with seafood and baked trout with parmesan.And figure split into pieces of bread caviar ... "Fish day?" - You think.Just all the dishes with sea inhabitants work out with a bang and do not require much energy.In addition, the substances contained in them, - aphrodisiacs.However, for the wife, they are in any dish created by your hands, including the beet salad and sliced ​​black bread.As for the program after dinner, the sports channel, spinning in the search network and «Call of duty» in it is not exactly included.

Routes our youth

Start with action, saying that there is a meet at a certain time.You will be the first, it is - a little delayed.Just like then, for the first time.And the faint smell of roses and her hair tousled by the wind.That's a public garden where you walked for hours, watching over her younger brother.

But massage - this is the idea.Even the movement of the "rails-rails, sleepers, sleepers" seasoned candlelight and aroma of ylang-ylang, transform wellness in the prelude.

I'll give you the spring

If you treat fans pastoral scenarios, organize a picnic.Yes, with the infamous checkered blanket, colorful napkins, a basket filled with sandwiches and fruit.Upload your mobile phone to good music and capture portable speakers.Although the birds singing - a good alternative to Celentano.But the most important thing in this event - the choice of location.For example, under the blossoming cherry or magnolia.It looks like a picture from a book?Or a scene from the American film 60s?What's wrong with that borrow motifs from the classics for a romantic evening for two, a scenario which you think of only yourself!

For external beauty only emphasizes what is happening inside you.You're still in love.Moreover - enjoy!And the whole husks weekdays dissolve without a trace in this sense.You are not together, because I have to.Just you can not live without each other.Such a familiar, but not a bit tiresome feeling.Appearing at the first meeting, it will remain forever.This wonderful moment of your life motif!

Out of range ...

Prague - great for a romantic evening for two, a script can be borrowed from the movies, or to come up with yourself.How do you like Lions, wrapped in the scent of coffee?Or mystical silhouettes Amsterdam?Either patchwork landscape of Barcelona?In general, do you understand the idea.Collected his thoughts, call the agency, order a weekend stay.Or, take the car, open the map and - forward, towards new sensations.You belong to yourself and no one is dependent.Freedom, spontaneity - all as before.No "but", "and still need," "ah, I forgot," or "to call back immediately."Only you, and the way it is! ..

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