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How to tell a man that love is not passed

We do not want to lose loved ones, do not want to feel pain, but sometimes this still happens.I take a look at the situation through the eyes of women.

When we argue with a loved man, often without even wanting it, pride often prevents us to make the first step towards reconciliation, or to start a simple conversation heart to heart.We think that if we make the first step towards reconciliation, by the same token to admit his guilt and find ourselves at the mercy of men's decisions.And we do not know how to tell a man that love is not passed, that the quarrel, it's just a minute of weakness, which the woman a hundred times already regretted.After all, we women so often say go, we want to make our beloved stayed with us.But try to look at the situation calmly and rationally.

First, see a time frame.How long do you have left, if you just had a fight today or two days ago, maybe it will be enough simply to ask for forgiveness (of course, if you were wrong), and tell the man that you love him very much, h

e is the most intelligent, the most, kindest, most beautiful, and you just disappear without, can not live a day.Men love flattery and love to feel indispensable.

If months pass and you still can not forget him, everything will be more complicated.First, try to make peace and become "friends", unless of course you parted with the scandal.Communicating with loved ones, you can try to find out what it feels to you now, perhaps, deep down, he also still loves you just the pride and the male ego does not allow him to put his feelings show.And just making sure that the man also wants to continue to build a relationship with you, you can tell him that your love is not passed.

Just do not advise to throw into the pool head, and immediately disclose all the cards.Do not forget that man, by nature, a hunter, and he loves to hunt longer.Suffice it to hint that you do not mind relationship, and the rest, that's his concern.For centuries men sought the favor of beautiful ladies, and not vice versa.

If you decide to tell the man that you love him, he will simply lose interest in you.Or, alternatively, begin to avoid perceiving women's perseverance, as a threat to their personal freedom.

And if after all the man does not take you more as a woman.Only, such as a friend.Talk about your feelings or keep silent to you.Sometimes it's necessary to speak, then it becomes much easier.And ANY KIND the situations better just leave, try not to meet with this man not to reopen old wounds.Time heals everything, sooner or later it will pass.And though now, when hurt, and so he wants to, the same one was there, every day the pain will be dulled, and one day wake up in the morning, you will realize that life goes on, and for you as well.

and should consider whether it is worth trying to bring back a man with whom you have left.To give an example, my friend met a young man, and all was well until the time when she learned that she was pregnant.The young man disappeared for a few months, then periodically announces seems to pull her nerves and make sure she had not forgotten.A woman all hoped that he changed his mind, and they will have a normal family, trying to somehow establish a relationship with him.But one day, she realized that this man is simply impossible to build normal relations, as though he wants it, but terribly afraid of responsibility.After all, in the end, everything has its limit, and patience is not limitless.

Of course, the situation is not very pleasant, but it is quite clearly shows that sometimes men are not worthy of our love.Of course, you always want to believe only in good.Hopefully, that will cease to be the favorite bastard and yet begin to act honestly and decently towards you, but rarely turns out as we want to.And, while we women sometimes do not know how to tell the men that love is not gone, but before you do, think about how to be worthy of your choice whether your love.After all, only we women decide with whom to be, and what will be an established relationship.And maybe now it will be better to suffer through clenched teeth, then to find a really decent person.A real man who really would love you more than life, and will do everything possible and impossible for you to be happy together for many years of life.