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How to learn to be without complexes in bed

Can long and hard to blame parents (properly educated, not taught sensuality), the country in which we were born (in the USSR, as we know, there was no sex), and indeed the entire Western civilization, cultivate the idea of ​​the sinfulness of carnal love, butthe fact remains that we are all in one way or another are in captivity stereotypes.According to the anonymous survey, 60% of Russian women at least once in your life feel guilty pleasure, 55% do not like to make love with the light, 30% believe porn "dirty man's entertainment," and 80% think about their figure during intercourse... Add to the social attitudes especially education each of us (who grew up in a very religious family, who do not have a father or a mother, someone from childhood was reading romance novels and tales of princes ...), andyou get the applicant to visit not only the couch psychologist and sexologist, and neuropsychiatrist.Try to understand what prevents be without complexes in bed and enjoy sex for you ...

I love myself

That is what we have not learned any of our mothers or caregivers, or teachers.Meanwhile, psychologists say: the acceptance of yourself and your body is a prerequisite for the harmonious development of every human being.You do not like to be photographed?Do not allow yourself to buy outdoor stuff on the beach in Kuta constantly rags and towels, house slippers to walk in heels (as you seem slimmer) and even sex are engaged in a bra (otherwise your chest does not look so elastic) and not washing off makeup?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you obviously do not love yourself and your body, and therefore, no man will be able to assess your worth.Trite but true: the man is thinking about you as you are positioning yourself.Left alone in the house, walk around the apartment naked.Just do not look in the mirror constantly, not to get involved and learn rounded tummy.You have to forget that naked.Feel that you are comfortable in your body and without slimming clothes.Take a bath with aromatic oils, spread gentle cream, lie down on the bed and pofantaziruet about sex.By the way, masturbation can help you relieve stress, to understand their sexuality and love his appearance.The next step - a joint nudity.Let your body are not perfect - we love is not for the dignity and disadvantages of fun!Another useful experience - a story about herself in the third person.Mentally or on paper describe themselves as did the author romance.Exalt your strengths (big breasts, beautiful ass, thin waist) and skip weak.

Terms pleasure

However, the main thing that keeps us from relaxing, even the rejection of his own body, and attitudes imposed by society and parents.You can put up and have sex, as if performing a duty (in a flannel nightie, no light and only in the missionary position) ... It is possible, after reading magazines, to pose as a sexual lioness (passionate aspiration, standard lace and latex) ... And you cantry to find a middle ground, and finally understand what is necessary for you to have sex.

universal recipe of good sex does not exist.And the way learn to be without complexes in bed is you - your own business.So silly adapt to any installation.It's okay that you like the missionary position, no.But that's no reason to stop the experiments.Do you like lace underwear?Excellent!The main thing that it was your choice, not a passing fad, or advice of magazines and friends.Sexually importantly - honesty and freedom.Only two of you, you will know each other's bodies and do not be shy - this is the main installation.

Worst of all, if during sex, you have a feeling of guilt.If you are constantly experiencing due to the fact that not always reach orgasm, consider yourself a bad mistress, and sometimes even during sex, you think you're doing something wrong, you have to work hard on yourself.It is best to consult a professional, as perhaps the reason these systems are rooted in childhood and without study of the long-standing situations you just can not do.Your goal - to realize that you do not owe anything to anybody.Your orgasm is largely dependent on the skill of the partner, you do not have to show the wonders each time balancing act, but I do not allow yourself to have fun and do silly!In the end, even if you were brought up in a very traditional religious family, in any holy book does not say that to enjoy sex - a sin!

break down stereotypes.

try to speculate on the most common prejudices.

premarital NOT .But if you really want, you can.Of course, you do not have anything to anyone, and have the right to belief, but sexologists claim that the average woman can reveal her sexuality only the third partner!

virginity - it's embarrassing .Another incredibly stupid extreme.You do have the right to decide where, when and with whom to lose innocence.By the way, if the Europeans generally become sexually active at 17-20 years, American - in the 25-27 years (and no complex about it).

oral sex - perversely .If so, it is very pleasant.Incidentally, 40% of women experience orgasm only from cunnilingus, and 60% of men consider fellatio best form of sexual release.

bed is not a topic for discussion .At work or at a party at Aunt 'Of course.But with a partner to talk about sex (as yours, and what they see on the screen) is not only possible, but necessary.

Alphabet complexes

of the Alice in Wonderland in women living in a fantasy world.Dreams of a perfect union leads to the fact that women do not enjoy sex with a real partner. COMPLEX ASSOL reflects a passive stance woman expecting a prince from a fairy tale, which will bring it into the world of adventure, beauty, comfort.These women dream of having their loved noticed, were taken in a great light.In bed, they love to obey.

COMPLEX Messalina inherent to women passionate and sensual.These ladies are confident that both partners need to change gloves.Sometimes this idea is too intrusive.

When COMPLEX Titans woman posing in his mind the image of the perfect man, who is looking for a lifetime.The heroes of novels or actors included in sexual fantasies, especially during sexual contact is a woman as a partner other person.

In COMPLEX Tristan and Isolde connected eroticism and guilt.Young ladies with this complex, having sex outside of marriage, experiencing conflicting feelings: on the one hand, the satisfaction of the other - a sense of guilt for violation of accepted moral standards.

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