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Vegetables and fruits to increase potency

Over time, people have found that many foods contain nutrients and vitamins needed to increase potency.Especially many of these vitamins contain fruits and vegetables to increase potency.Currently, certain food products of plant origin have helped many people to cope with this problem.Now this diet called "diet of love."

For centuries, people have used a variety of products from the most basic (eggs) and to the more unusual, such as a rhinoceros horn.The scientists of today have found that to restore the potency of the body requires a certain set of vitamins.Necessary materials contain fruits and vegetables.Among the citrus fruit can be distinguished above all this oranges and lemons.You must also include in your diet figs and pomegranates.

To increase the potency plays an important role vitamin E .. The positive effect of this vitamin on the condition of the sex glands of the endocrine system and the man was known to people in antiquity.A large amount of this vitamin found in vegetable crops.So among

the vegetables you can select all the types of onions.

very important vegetable crop, which plays a major role in the fight against impotence, is the carrot.It carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A, which is considered one of the essential vitamins that enhance the "virility."

Vitamin C - a regulator of potency.So make up for the lack of this vitamin can be eating spinach.Such fruit to increase potency as lemon and kiwi also contain the required amount of vitamin C. Also do not forget to use currants, pepper, cabbage in any form and rosehips.

positive impact on the potency of products of animal origin have a high content of protein.This, of course, include meat and milk.Just do not forget that excessive consumption of animal products of the world can lead to excess weight and, most importantly, produce a negative effect - reduced potency.In addition, many people because of its ethical and moral foundations, his views simply can not eat meats and animal products in the world.All the necessary substances contained in these products, they make up a diet of plant foods.These people have to make do with vegetables and fruit to increase potency.Vegetarians find this change in parsley, cabbage, beets, celery, radishes, carrots, lettuce and red pepper.

active action bow hanging potency was known in ancient Rome.The Romans first discovered the miraculous properties of onions to enhance virility.Besides they fact that if eaten bow with chicken eggs, this effect is amplified by several times.

Residents cold Siberia to fight the male weakness invented a folk recipe.The main element here is the garlic.The recipe is very simple.You only have 1 kilogram of garlic, filled with boiled water.Garlic is necessary to infuse for about a month, and then the medicine is ready for use.

stimulating effect have various kinds of herbs (thyme, parsley).It is useful to use a decoction of the seeds of turnips.

course, to get the most powerful effect on "a diet of love" is necessary to use not only fruits and vegetables but also meat dishes, milk.Also, some sweets contain required substances such as chocolate.

main thing is not to forget that a diet - it is primarily just a diet.That is, if you eat a huge amount of the same orange, it will not have the desired effect, on the contrary, can cause negative symptoms.Excessive consumption of citrus fruits may cause allergic reactions.So, if you decide to increase its potency, then you need to carefully compose your diet and avoid "abuse" of these products.

among some men walking the opinion that increase potency promotes the use of alcohol.This is all nonsense.Scientifically it is proven that the beer also increases the amount of female hormones in the male body, which in no way could have a positive effect.In addition, the use of alcohol adversely affects the state of other organs (stomach, heart, liver).

Before you start thinking "sit" on a diet you should consult with a specialist, so as not to raise any other health problems.

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