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How to increase libido in women

How to increase libido in women

If the cause of decreased sexual desire is not any disease or other physical disorders, then raise the required level of libido is possible without referral to a specialist.

The simplest method is to purchase and receive medications to increase libido - today exists a kind of analogue of the male Viagra, a special tool that is acting directly on the brain and blood circulation, stimulates the production of testosterone enhanced, and then, as they say producersYou can see the dramatic effect.

Spices and food

hot spices such as hot pepper, garlic, horseradish and other like, not only help to make the food tasty and useful, as well as remove excess fat from the waist, but also cause sexual interest.The main thing is not to forget about the pungent smell of garlic, so it does not prevent you.If you use garlic stewed or boiled, adding it during cooking, garlic retain all its useful properties, while the smell of it will be much softer and will not cause rejection.And

if the dish contains eggplant or chicken eggs generally can fully absorb the smell of garlic.

also very useful for women to be such as ginger seasoning.It has long been believed that ginger tea makes a woman very passionate.

aphrodisiac properties also have products such as cinnamon, cardamom, bitter chocolate, avocados, bananas, figs, honey, nuts, plain bow.It is also very useful to improve the libido are seafood, which contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Phytotherapy Phytotherapy

too can become your helper in improving libido.You can use these herbs like damiana, famous for ginseng, wild yam, aloe.They can be taken in different ways: to produce alcohol tinctures, teas brewed, etc.Aloe juice can be made to be taken with honey - it will at the same time to strengthen the body and increase its immune system.

psycho-emotional correction

Quite often it happens that a woman's libido drops due to problems in the relationship between her and her partner.In such cases it is necessary to talk with her man, to discuss issues of concern to her and together try somehow solve all the misunderstandings.No need to hide the existence of problems with the libido of her partner, and their feelings and concerns about it.In some cases, if it is known that the cause of decreased sexual desire is just a psychological disorder with a partner, and it is impossible to solve this problem together, you can see a specialist.

can try to bring something new into a sexual relationship, they add a patina of romanticism.For example, you can prepare a bubble bath for two, a romantic dinner with candles or anything else - consult your imagination.Such moments are very good effect on the relationship, helping to move closer to the partner.

Positive attitude

In the overwhelming number of cases, one of the main reasons for the decrease in libido is stress and depression.In both men and women bad thoughts greatly reduce the level of sexual desire, no matter what caused these thoughts.Therefore, if you want your libido remained at the same level or increase, it is necessary to be able to calm down, leaving all the negative outside of the bedroom.

Quitting smoking

There are many arguments against smoking, but few know that because nicotine may decrease the level of desire, since nicotine slows down the blood flow throughout the body, especially in the area of ​​the genitals, is the cause of bad breathand significantly reduces body tone.

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