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Sexy type: how do you know that excites him?

Every man has a sexual character - how do you know that excites him, suggest experts.They share all the men on the visuals, and audialov kinestetikov - according to which channels of perception for them the most important.There are people for whom it is more important than what they saw with their own eyes, than what is heard.In order to "make" a man (and by the way, most of the men - visuals), we have to show erotic lingerie, or rather frivolous image.Well, if this is not possible and you, for example, decided to light his conversation on the phone, you have to speak so that your words caused him before the eyes of visual images.For example: "I'm lying across our wide bed, on me - only black stockings."

If your favorite - audial, it is important to him that he hears.In the same situation - the seduction by phone - you have to tell him something like that, "Playing soft music, and I remember your wheezing ...»

kinestetik perceives the world the muscles and skin, nails and hair.He remembers the feelin

g of movement, touch.He needs to tell something like this: "I merznu in lace underwear, thin hairs on his neck stir by weak wind blows."

Who is he your man?

To determine which channel of perception - leading your loved one, what his sexual type, talk to him about some walks that you both remember well.And note to myself, what words he describes his impressions.Whether he speaks about the paintings of nature (visual), or the singing of birds (audial), and he remembers how you were, but he was holding your hand (kinestetik).So you can find out what excites him.

Throw anchor

Some of the words or actions may be for your beloved so-called "anchor".Then it will be enough to say that word, to carry out the action, to reproduce any part of the situation as he wakes up desire.Suppose when he first confessed your love, smelled just blown lilacs, and the fresh smell good "tangled" in his mind with the strongest romantic feelings.Or your favorite always feel great pleasure when you whisper to him certain words - those that once made him the strongest action.And now, as soon as he hears them, it just can not hold back.

to certain stimuli (in this case - touch the sleeve and a certain intonation) people immediately gives the final result, one to which he was accustomed.

Many people are not even aware that they have something that is "anchor", as long as it does not disappear.For example, one lady very quickly excited when my husband whispered in her ear sweet words are different, being behind.But at some point it is no longer exciting, and she began to experience on the topic: "it does not satisfy me."Having suffered a month, she had told him the claim: "You're not telling me gentle words."My husband was very surprised and reminded her that here, just yesterday ... Yes, say but the effect was not.And then the pair could see just her husband shaved his beard and hair do not tickle the delicate skin on the neck of his wife.Anchor, which quickly aroused the woman was removed.Had the man again to grow facial hair and say three times more gentle words - for the return of the effect.

Tip: closely watch how your partner reacts to certain words and situations.Perhaps a word or intonation, breathing or the action is for him a powerful anchor, which largely contributes to the achievement of orgasm.

imprinted forever

So, all people are susceptible to "anchoring", regardless of their sexual character - how do you know that excites him, you know.Now, how to "fix" the desired effect.Anchor may appear spontaneously, but may be "placed" on purpose.To make it, you have to do several things:

• remember what your man most excites you;

• create this environment or situation;

• choose some bright words or actions, fragrances or visual images that will reinforce the anchor;

• make love so that your chosen anchor would come at the peak of his most vivid experiences.For example, some men love when their fingernails scratching on the back.Try the most emotional moment of your sex sink their claws into his back and say some words.Even if they are not the most erotic.But, of course, not a "spade" and something like "cute".

• Repeat this several times, to the feeling of "imprinted" (the English term "imprinting") in his subconscious.

Then you can use this anchor in everyday life."Honey, let's go to my mother for the weekend" - and clawed through the jacket - DAC.And this is the word in your ear.He immediately remembered the feeling of luxury sex, and likely to consent to go to my mother for a visit, you will have a lot more.

Try to have not appeared negative anchors.Some insulting expletive or a confession of infidelity can easily become one.And discourage any desire not only to sleep together, and live together.

Iron Curtain

loving man trusts you implicitly, as a child of the mother.And all your words are taken literally.That would be fine if it were not for one feature of female nature.For example, you twist the mirror and say, "Oh, how I have grown stout!" You expect that the beloved object will start, or at least to comfort: "Honey, I'll love you all and all life."He says this is the first time, then a second, then a third.We are getting used to "beg" him compliments, and he begins to believe ... our word.So even if you have 46 kg of weight during the growth of 176 centimeters, it still will think that you are "fat" if you repeat it often.

Tip: wrinkles and age, shape and complexion complain only girlfriend or mother.Beloved need to submit their shortcomings as a lovely trifles.For example, "I have a magnificent ass" instead of "fat buttocks."And "a woman should be a statuette," if you find it hard to gain weight."In my eyes I settled wisdom" - when you pull complain about the wrinkles around the eyes.In all the shortcomings can be found advantages and bring them into the proper form.

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