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The most common erogenous zones

you know that your body has a "secret" points, a touch which can cause a storm of emotions.But how to find them?Beloved man has learned how to please you.He has few regrets techniques that always lead to a result.But that does not suit you - every time he follows the same way: first, hugs and kisses, caresses and then the chest and abdomen.It can be understood, because it is the most common erogenous zones.Your hero has found the quickest way to please you and is afraid of experiments.But you want to know about their erogenous zone is something new!How to inspire the satellite towns in search of the secret?

erogenous zones in a way reminiscent of the volcanoes.There are active and "winding with half-turn", there is a "sleeping" and "dormant".Of course, there are approximately map the most common erogenous zones on the body of men and women.But sexologists are convinced that everything is very individual.You may not even be aware that a particular touch of driving you crazy yet not your favorite touches

you at the right time and in the right way.Sometimes a man can not discover the erogenous zones just because they are in non-standard locations.For example, this may be the knees, ankles, or the skin on the back between the shoulder blades (the so-called "cat's place").Sometimes disturbing feelings can not cause a gentle stroking, but rather delicately pinching or slapping.By the way, when your beloved cheeky slaps you on the hip or playfully pulling the curl, he instinctively tries to wake the erogenous zones.Offer him do it in the bedroom, but not when you run past him into the kitchen to burn pan.

persuade his friend to find a magical towns, because all men are by nature explorers.Suffice it to say, "Honey, you have not seen what I'm really capable of. Let's experiment, and I'll give you a hot night!"Keep in mind: enjoying the area change their sensitivity under the influence of alcohol.They can not wake up, if you are tired, or think about something extraneous.To you open the map of your erogenous zones, you have to really feel like.Let the search for points "X" your man adheres to three principles:

- Start leisurely lovemaking necessary.

- During caresses must be studied as a time-tested and unfamiliar place on the body.

- Do not hurry with the result.All

first touch should be light and flavorful.Let him pat you like a big cat.And when you otzoveshsya these first touch, you can try something a little more intense.Allow your favorite friends go through foreplay - but with exciting excursions.He kisses you on the shoulder, then, can be bent and put under the seductive lips flank.Who knows, maybe work?Orgasm - it's great.But if you agree to take the time, you will learn that skilful caresses lead to a fantastic feeling.Do not stop to caress each other during intimacy.Maybe to experience the most incredible ecstasy in your life, you did not have a kiss on the ear at the right moment.

studied each other can be arbitrarily long.Do not limit itself in time.Both try to show imagination.The creative approach will help make the intimate life brighter and more saturated.For example, a search for erogenous zones can be turned into an exciting love game.First try to use the following methods to find the erogenous zones:

- you touch and repeats all the movements of his partner.That is a favorite of you gets the same affection that gives you.It is extremely useful game, because that way your friend not only gives you pleasure, but also unwittingly gives you all the secrets of her erogenous body.

- Agree during foreplay touch each other only lips, but in different ways: soft, hard, with biting.The next day, the rules change: Now only the hands are involved - and no kissing.The third time, you have the right to caress each other than anything but your fingers.You think it's impossible?But imagine how gently glides over your belly his cheek.These games not only help discover each other from an unexpected quarter, but also awaken the dormant erogenous zones.

Ironically, learn about their most common erogenous zones can be in a dream.At this time, the subconscious mind tells solving problems in the form of dreams, in particular - erotic.Incidentally, the erotic dreams they see about 90% of men and 70% women.But unlike the stronger sex ladies give them great value.Just do not understand the image seen directly.For example, a sex scene with a stranger is not yet talking about your debauchery.Most likely, you just feel the latent discontent with their partner - in a dream subconscious replaces it with a more worthy candidate.A stormy night of passion with former lover says only that what you're trying to compare the old relationship with his new novel.

As you can see, the search for common and not very erogenous zones could turn into an exciting love game.That diversity, we often lack in bed with your partner.

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