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The first sexual experience in women

why the first sexual relationship is the foundation of her female sexuality

Most of his coldness frigid women explained by the fact that their partners were tough during the first sexual intercourse.Virgin psychologically acute senses defloration.From the panic and horror that can occur during rape to blazhenstvennogo and inexpressible feelings that arose when approaching a loved one.

first female sexual experience

for girls first sexual contact is sometimes unpleasant.At the time of rupture of the hymen may feel pain, which can cover all other sensations.Later, during the second or third sexual intercourse, the desired sensations usually occur.When the first intercourse with a man from a woman may feel his caresses satisfaction.Defloration need not be realized at a time when a strong pain, the several steps can be divided.When the elastic hymen would expand holes each new attempt by men.In addition, a woman's fear of pain will disappear.Unacceptable rough male insistence on the first act, to p

revent the occurrence of further serious consequences for women - "disgusted" by sex, vaginismus.

for deflowering choose the best position, lying on his back.You can reduce the pain of a woman, but that sexual intercourse should take place in this position: the girl lying on his back across the bed, his legs dangling to the floor, this time a man, leaning on both sides of her body in his arms and performs smoothly introitus.Other position: lying on his back, the woman puts a pillow under your buttocks, knees bent and pressed to his chest.This will facilitate the rupture of hymen, ensuring its greatest tension.Much during sexual intercourse depends on the man.If a man is gently and kind to his woman, the pain that can occur in women at break hymen, because of a strong desire for a man just will flatten.

What you should know when the women's first sexual experience

during the first sexual intercourse in women often lack the natural moisture of the vagina.Because of this, to facilitate sexual intercourse is necessary to use a special grease or Vaseline, which is applied to the glans penis.At the moment of rupture the hymen usually occurs in girls little bleeding, but you need to know that every tenth woman bleeding may be absent.It is particularly important at this moment to take care of personal hygiene rules.When you break the hymen is recommended to stop sexual intercourse, until the time when all healed.Repeated intercourse can be repeated within 3 days after deflowering.Repeated rapprochement is usually painless.

sexual life is recommended to start using a condom, even if a woman is confident in her man.This is necessary to avoid potential pregnancy (if you are currently not ready for this), as well as to protect against infections.In order to prevent contact of the penis with the vaginal mucosa should be put on a condom before intercourse and removed after its full completion.

chance of becoming pregnant or contracting an infection during the first intercourse with a man, is quite high.The woman may have inflammation of the vagina or bladder, as her body with male germs occurs first.If you ignore the means of protection, the female body is more easily infected men several times.In addition, the disease (the majority), which are sexually transmitted, occur in women with no symptoms, but it increases the risk of complications.On the intimate hygiene woman needs to know.Starting woman sexually should consciously.You should not listen to a woman multiple tips girlfriends - it's just your choice and you have only to listen to him.Do not forget that early sexual activity can cause unwanted pregnancy and infections.Ideally, the first sexual experience of women must be conscious and purchased with a favorite, tender and loving man.

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