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How to be the best in bed

course, the first thing you need to do - is to leave their complexes outside the marital bed.They not only prevent us relax and have fun, but also spoil the mood of the men: instead of admiring us, they have to grope us under a blanket in the pitch dark."I do not understand your Marina - admits 35-year-old Igor.- When we go to a party to friends, she is at ease, happy to dance.Why does she shy in the bedroom? »

According to many men, it is important not the ideal figure (it does not exist in nature), and the ability to beautifully curved back, take erotic pose (the offensive, the better), pull the socks and bite his lower lip charmingly.Look closely at the actresses who starred in the sex scenes.Often they are not thin persons with parameters 90-60-90.But you probably do not notice the total because it does not erase the figure, and the shapes, twists and vibrantly heaving chest, showing genuine passion.I can assure you: man also does not see any drawbacks when in front of him really flushed woman.Now

let's see how to apply this knowledge in practice.

When you - top

Pose "rider" is loved by many women for the convenience and the ability to independently control the depth of penetration, rate and slope.In this position you find yourself face-to-man, and he has the opportunity to admire you, to fondle your breasts, stomach and hips and look you in the eye.Once on top, reject little back - it will not only improve the friction and pleasure for you and your man and your chest up slightly and make it higher and elastic.You can also involve the stomach and try to strain intimate muscles - your partner is sure to appreciate.Incidentally, such a simple thing as a retraction of the abdomen, in addition to its aesthetic function significantly contributes to your feelings - the front wall of the vagina tightens automatically, allowing you to more "embrace" partner's penis.

change position

Once in bed on top, try to change the perspective, turning back to the partner.This allows to achieve deeper penetration.Women have a convenient opportunity to further stimulate the testes and crotch partner and the man in the meantime might consider a thin waist of his beloved.Another bonus: in this position you can absolutely not worry about how you look in front.You can finally relax, close his eyes, from the heart pokorchit face, and if you want to caress herself.

When the man behind

First, according to statistics, this posture is the best and favorite for most men.Secondly, there you will always look perfect.The fact is that when you are crouching, standing on his knees, the skin on the buttocks and thighs smoother and your waist takes clearer shape."Rear view" turns out stunning.Do not forget how to bend back at the waist.So you facilitate access to male intimate areas, and besides, looks much more exciting.

When you lie on your back

position "man on top" in different variations (when a partner is hanging over your elbows or kneeling) has always been considered a very delicate you look into each other's eyes can embrace and whisper secret.Lying on your back, raise your arms above your head - it's visually lift the chest, besides this gesture will ensure closer friction body of the nipple.Try to raise your pelvis slightly to increase the pressure on the clitoris.Remember, the more a woman in this position divorced his knees, the more profound and strong frictions can make a man.

oral sex

If you like the position of "69", do not forget to take care of the intimate hair.According to a survey conducted by the American magazine Playboy, 60% of men prefer "natural" mind cropped pubic hair, like 20% accurate "track", and almost 70% of the complete lack of love in the bikini area hair, opens the most exciting overview of female beauty.Many women are embarrassed of their species 'open' genitals, and very vain - that is able to bring a little of the partner so quickly and strongly.

«Naked» pubis not just like your man, chained to her all his attention, but also give you a new feeling.If you've ever tried to get rid of the hair, you will certainly appreciate how sharpen your senses.

After sex

If you have already tried to adopt a favorable camera angles during lovemaking, you probably feel that they are able to bring pleasure not only partners, but above all to you, you become more confident, more easily excited and fullySuggested process.And what is the bedroom?About visual stimulants to remember and abroad.Watch your posture, grace and fluidity of movement, highlights its advantages by means of clothes and cosmetics and remain desirable in all circumstances.


Kulgavchuk Eugene, a doctor-sexologist, therapist, vice president of the Russian Association of sexologists

What are the benefits we get when we reject the oppression of sex?

Openness - an important component of love.If the woman hesitates, it becomes less emotional, and the man perceives it as a lack of sincerity.In such situations, men often syndrome suspense failure.A woman should not ever plan how to best in bed.You just need to be confident and enjoy the proximity to each other.

What draws the attention of a man during sex?

For most men, it is important to whole perception of the painting.Few of the men during the next will consider the female body as meticulously as can a woman do.Believe me, the man is not important all the parts of the female body separately.He sees only the "overall picture", which is important passion, sincerity of feelings, expression of genuine pleasure.

What do you advise women if complexes about her appearance hamper to enjoy in bed?

Once in personal conversation with the man I identify a "map" of his sexual stimuli, with full responsibility, I urge the woman what she needs to do, and what not.Trust and risked long-term change scenario often mark the second "honeymoon."Often, a good tool is the use of optional accessories: stockings, shoes, boots, a new hairstyle.Sometimes it is enough to turn the light - and provided a new experience ...

how to approach his orgasm

Change position on the more "profound" that the head of every member of the frictions stimulated cervix.This is achieved in a knee-elbow position, as well as "hussar" position when you lie on your back and your legs curled over her partner's shoulder.

Get closer contact, much squeezing feet.The effect will be unique.

How to delay his orgasm

Ask your partner to move slower.

Relax the muscles of the vagina and abdomen.Take

position prolongs the sexual act, for example, be a "rider" Lie on your side with his back to the partner or sit in a chair facing each other.

Take a short break, switching to petting.


Turn off the bedside lamp and light the candles - flickering lights dimmed hides minor defects and represents us in the most favorable light.

Right gleam in his eye and light "haziness" can be achieved with glasses of champagne.If you for some reason ashamed shape of their breasts - leave a bra on himself.

If you have a curvaceous, pay attention to the position in which you are on.If you wish, you can lean on a pillow or folded knees partner.Choosing a new underwear, listen to the opinions of his men.

view the half-nakedness stimulant effect on 72% of men.Leave it on for currently unbuttoned shirt or stockings.

Before you go into the bedroom, her hair down.This is exciting!