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Drinks at wedding

From napitkovstoit choose not alcoholic juices, it is advisable that they are natural and not soderzhalikonservantov.It's just helpful.

Feed juices neobhodimosootnosit with serving dishes to the table.For example, meat dishes perfectly sochetayutsyas Berry Nectar and fish dishes light pleasant drink apple juice ilipersikovym.

ideal option sokamozhet be orange juice, which they drink everything and love, by the way, all tozheabsolyutno.This juice is perfect and sweet and savory dishes.

Make sure to Nastola guests and young always had mineral water.It is better if it budetdvuh forms: with or without gas.Then the man himself can choose what he bolshepo soul.

drugiegazirovannye lemonade and drinks ordered at the wedding table is not worth it at all.On svadbahvsegda drink alcohol, soda and alcohol helps assimilated prakticheskimomentalno.If you do not want to see the faces of the guests drunk closer to seredineprazdnika, do not choose carbonated sugar water as a beverage nasvadbu.

Alcohol mogutporazit svoimmnogoobraziem mind and imagination, and the difference in taste.Alcohol chelovechestvoizobrelo for its existence so much that even the most demanding customer any bar smozhetchem something completely satisfied.

Vodka - is the drink that is sure to consume at every wedding.It is necessary to keep the bottle on the table dopodachi in the freezer.Be aware that ice vodka - the best ipyaneyut from it much more slowly.Especially warm vodka has a ostryyspirtovoy smell and drink it very unpleasant.Tell obsluzhivayuschemupersonalu that you need to bring to the table cold bottle until it is warmed up, and put it ahead of time does not make sense.

wines always zamechatelnoraskhodyatsya any celebration.That is why the stock is decent zapasometoy alcohol.Wine, as we all know, there are red and white.Gradually, the astringency of wine, it can be sweet, dry and semi-sweet.Polusladkoevino - is the best option.Most people who drink wine, prefer to drink this kind.

Remember that vinopodayut warm red and white made to bring to the table cold.It will not hurt derzhatbutylki in the refrigerator.The blame enough to be in a common cell to imetotlichny taste and temperature.Keep it like vodka in the refrigerator explicitly unfollow.

course, none svadbane dispenses with such a drink, like champagne.It also refers to razryaduvin and also is red and white and is divided into sweet, sweet and osobyyvid called brut and corresponds in taste dry wine.

champagne svadbevopreki believe many do not drink.It is necessary to start okolozagsa celebrations, to entertain guests during a tour of memorial sites and during a photo shoot vremyasvadebnoy young.At the table, it can be enjoyed only when pervomtoste.Champagne is fed into an open bottles, but should open egoofitsianty just before the toast.

interesting for svadebnogoprazdnika point may be feeding a variety of cocktails.Especially interesnymmozhet get such a proposal, if a little on your wedding guests.Vetom case you can offer each guest a special prepared tolkodlya a cocktail.Cocktails are also alcoholic and non-alcoholic.Etotmoment, by the way, you can check with the guest in advance.Maybe someone did non-users of alcohol products.

most important mistake pripokupke alcohol at a wedding celebration is the fact that it takes sizbytkom.Very often it happens that the vodka, which they bought for a wedding, vymozhete note the birth of the first child, and his christening, and even the first denrozhdeniya your crumbs, so do not overdo it on other holidays vypriobretete fresh alcohol.

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