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Wedding winter: do not be afraid

plus winter wedding

At this time, getting married in the registry office a little steam.Invited to a wedding photographer, toastmaster and rent restoranaoboydutsya you much cheaper than in the summer.

In cold in svadebnyesalony buy new collections of accessories and dresses.Therefore, each modnitsamozhet find yourself exclusive outfit.In addition, if the street is a beautiful krupnyysneg, and indeed around the charming white fills all priyatnoyenergetikoy triumph and purity.In winter wedding, there are some ekonomicheskiepreimuschestva: after Christmas and New Year holidays prices produktyznachitelno fall, and this is naturally reflected on the menu in schools vvash favor.Of course, fruits and vegetables are "more expensive", but in the winter months startuetsezon discounts solarium, beauty salon, hairdressers and others. Takzheotpravitsya honeymoon in the winter you will come much cheaper than in the summer.

Naturally one of the main attributes of the wedding - bride and etonaryady.Imennon

a appearance of the bride, and we stopped.

Wedding Dress

first thing I want to say - do not know how to sew modeleryesche beautiful wedding dresses for weddings, warm materials played in the winter.In contrast, all materials conventionally used in svadebnyhplatyah can not retain heat.

Naturally, there is nothing to be afraid, just have less time to spend outdoors.It is not prenebregatperchatkami.You can even dress them up on top of those that are included sosvadebnym dress.Decorated fur and sequins design perchatkioni become an indispensable element of the bride at a wedding in the winter.


Bride svadebnuyuobuv naturally selects the style and color of the wedding dress - it is known to all and obscheprinyatoepravilo.But here there is one not a pleasant fact, we spend svadbuzimoy.This means that soft satin slippers - "in any walk of Queen 'podoydutvryad us know.Shoes smennuyuobuv better used as a banquet hall, and all the other places we recommend visiting in komfortnyhi warm boots (we mean the church and registry office).


wedding day each nevestahochet to be loved the most passionate, erotic, and sexy.But if at the time of the triumph of vyprostudites, something about all sorts of lovemaking will have to forget.Extend etosostoyanie can throughout the honeymoon, or even more.Therefore rassuditelnootnesites warmed to the tights, the benefit to this, the range of their mozhetpredlozhit us a very nice items.As for the top chastitela, the banal set of bra and panties in winter makes sense zameniterotichnym solid Bode - beautiful, and most importantly warm.


If people ask what uvas associated winter, most likely, the fur will take the second place, behind snegu.Mozhno not even doubt it will not only warm you in the winter cold day, give noiyou charm and elegance, bringing in your style is something unusual.

Winter Wedding - is not a reason to priobrestiroskoshnuyu fluffy fur coat, fur jacket or bolero trendy?Spetsialistydayut one piece of advice - wedding fur should not be fastened around the neck -navernyaka will be hot.But of course you decide, after weighing the fact as vposleduyuschie time you use it or bolero coat if zahoditenosit it in everyday life, it is necessary to take care of practicality.If podobnayapokupka hit your wallet, you can purchase a "collar."It is capable of sozdatizyskanny "winter" style.

most unmatched bride you become when you add fur gloves, boots or dress.Podobnyevarianty occur infrequently, and that means exclusivity and originality.


It's time to go to such svadebnoydetali as the bride's bouquet.This is an important element of any wedding, odnakoon immune to low temperatures.Flowers quickly die in the cold, so you should make sure that the bouquet was tugozavernut in ribbons and flowers clung to it.Naturally, this does not mean that all zimniebukety one reverse.The main thing that it should be collected Thus disease that only a small fraction of color in contact with the wind and morozom.V winter bouquets florists use all the flowers, regardless of the season, odnakomy advised to refrain from orchids and lilies, and other flowers with large buds.

hair and makeup

First you need to walk soskhodnoy hair, to see the hair react to the weather, as it is not every day you put them on a bunch of different funds.Better vsegoispolzovat smaller curls, as under the influence of the cold they become wet ipoteryayut shape.

foundation makeup should be podobranaspetsialno to cold.If you do not want to ruin your happy day, use waterproof mascara.


At this time, the banquet hall is to choose primarily calculated on the basis of heat the room best for it to be located near any forest park.After the "decision on the chest" guests will want to frolic in the streets, poetomuim will need space.As entertainment on the street can organizovatkatanie skiing, tobogganing, if near a lake, you can go skating.

winter weddings are often much more fun and lively, chemletnie.Frost causes guests to move actively, and the alcohol evaporates quickly, resulting bored in such an event you do not have.Even your tamadabudet occasionally seek to expel the guests out and spend time with them razlichnyekonkursy.

advantage can be considered a winter wedding and festive table.When holodevy not pick up E. coli and other bacteria.Store remaining poslebanketa products are also more convenient, and it is undoubtedly beneficial for you.

In fact, it does not matter when vyzahotite get married, no matter you are using these tips or not.The main thing is the sincere feelings, joy iulybka your lips to this day!In this case, your svadbaproydet and winter at the highest Done!

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