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Wedding champagne glasses

Buying glasses for newlyweds is not difficult because they are sold in almost every department of gifts or the shop where they sell glassware.In such stores, there are glasses on the most diverse tastes: different colors, shapes and patterns.Typically, wedding glasses are decorated with hearts, woven rings or dove.Although there are more difficult to execute composition.Sell ​​glasses usually in pairs.

When buying glasses can be guided by the preferences of the bride and groom.Decorate glasses absolutely different materials: lace, sequins or beads, and some even decorate them with fresh flowers.

If you want to be looking glasses harmony with the dress of the bride, then the cost to decorate them with beads or sequins appropriate shade.If you plan to decorate the glasses wedding lace, then it must be the same as on the bride's dress.

If the store did not find matching glasses, it is quite possible to decorate them yourself.For example, if the wedding will be in the theme style - the sea, spring, black

and white, etc., and the decoration of glasses, use the elements that are closely related to the topic.If the wedding sea, the glasses can be decorated with shells and crystals, turquoise, starfish and others. If the wedding is organized in the spring style, the glasses are decorated with butterflies and blooming flowers.Black and white wedding in the most simple terms.And beads and ribbons, and beads and rhinestones, if they will be black or white, can be used.However, the main thing is not to get carried away and not to overdo it, for example, with black color.It will still be a wedding, not a funeral procession.Therefore, when decorating the need to try to avoid the type of mourning glasses.

If the future husband and wife prefer the classics, then it would be appropriate to decorate the glasses with amber.You can also buy the glasses themselves are not made of glass and metal, including precious.

If the couple decided to metallic glasses, you should choose them very carefully.If the bride is very tiny, and her wedding dress and magnificent lace, the heavy metal glasses will look very bulky.Metallic glasses will become a wonderful accessory to the wedding, which is sustained in the style of the Middle Ages and chivalry.

If the couple are drinking from metallic glasses, then buy a glass wine glasses still need to smash the custom metallic glasses is unlikely.

Decorate wedding glasses and can be themselves: for this you need to buy a conventional glass champagne glasses, all kinds of rhinestones, ribbons, boutonnieres.Some decorated glasses even jewelry.

Another option decoration - painting.For this fit acrylic paints for painting on glass.For example, on glasses, you can write the initials and portraits of the bride and groom.Such a responsible job best left to the artist.

Another type of decoration - engraved.It can be simple or pattern coated with paint (silver or gold).In such cases, usually on the glasses cause the names of the bride and groom and their wedding date.

the way, the wedding glasses - this is not just an accessory, which is required for the wedding itself.After the wedding, this beautifully designed and stylish pair of wine glasses takes place in the list of things that remind us of the brightest and most pleasant moments of life together.Subsequently, these glasses are used on wedding anniversaries and other important family celebrations.

best option - is to buy conventional glass goblets and decorate their own, but if the budget allows, the glasses of this solemn occasion is better to order a professional.And, of course, it is better to book in advance, but not directly in front of the marriage.Only then the glasses will be performed at a high level and in time.