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Rent a wedding car

modern wedding fashion dictates its own rules of the newlyweds: the wedding day to move on cars of the representative class, such as a jeep, limousine, Cadillac.Undoubtedly, the wedding procession consisting of vintage cars or limousines looks impressive, but not all have the ability and desire to spend on a wedding budget like chic.So popular are also auto business and economy class.

Cars Business Class - a car brand Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana, BMW 5er, Mercedes E-klasse and others.For economy class include the following car brands Opel Zafira, Mitsubishi Lacer X and others.It should be noted that these brands will also look at the wedding spectacular and beautiful and did not spoil the wedding procession, especially if they choose the right and a lucrative contract with a good trucking company.

made by a wedding convoy of cars of business or economy class, you must select and apply to the well-known trucking companies.It is better to stop the choice on the taxi service, the services which regularly

resort.It is possible that you will make as a regular discount or offer services on special terms of renting a car for a wedding.If you do not want to contact the taxi service, stop your choice on any major road transport companies engaged in car rental for such a celebration.

It should be noted that it is a serious major trucking firms monitor their fleet and contain it in perfect condition, including the specifications.In such firms operating drivers are professionals with many years of driving.At the conclusion of the lease agreement is required to accentuate attention to the fact that the car and driver rental for the wedding service, and therefore have to be in order, clean the outside and inside.

renting a car for a wedding, it should be clearly put forward their demands.Say exactly what brand of car you want, how you want to rent a car for a wedding.

Ozvuchte its requirements to a particular color of the car, which will consist of the wedding procession.Traditional wedding cars are considered to be light tone, but there is nothing stopping to select only the red car for a wedding or just a yellow.Always check whether your chosen trucking company to fully meet your requirements for cars wedding cortege.

Take the time to check to be sure the contract had been prescribed the brand machines, color and quantity to avoid further surprises.

Do not rely on verbal agreements and promises of manager of the company, it should be spelled out in the contract signed by the head of the firm.Be sure to stipulate in the contract and list the length of rental car to the wedding, as well as the cost of each hour in excess of the rental.Unpleasant situations occur when the cost of rental for the wedding is greatly increased after the end of the agreed rental period.

It should stipulate and prescribe in the contract and force majeure situations, for example, a random delay of the driver.It is because of this celebration can go in a hurry, upset the newlyweds and guests, and did cause a delay to the registrar for registration of marriage.Be sure to stipulate exactly who and how much to pay material and moral damage?There are other unpleasant situations, for example, order a car broke down.The contract should specify in what time frame will provide trucking company replace a broken car?In other words, the contract maximum ozvuchte nuances.Be guided by the rule that it is better to spend more time to lease a car rather than later due to unforeseen trouble, to deal with the trucking company in court.

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