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Married after 30 years: the advantages and disadvantages

married after 30 years: the shortcomings

With age, a person's social circle, in most cases, significantly narrowed.And if you have not differed and active way of life, during this period at all unlikely someone will be there, but a few friends ikolleg workers.This leads to the fact that to find a candidate suprugistanovitsya harder and harder, and the constant reminders from blizkihne give to relax.

If you manage to solve the above problems, the vassleduet congratulate, not everyone succeeds.Unfortunately it's not all the difficulties are just beginning, the present difficulties of family life.

First of all, the more years the partners, the harder imstanovitsya used to each other, because each used to living alone and dalekone always easy to come to terms with other people's habits and weaknesses.Can you close your eyes to prineobhodimosti irritating household stuff?

marriage in the age of thirty means that children will later uvas.This means not only sore problemukonflikta generations, but

also the fact that the older woman's body, the more difficult it will dlyanego bear and give birth to a baby.For this reason, the decree should nachatplanirovat immediately after marriage.

We brought most major drawbacks brakaposle thirty years, you can now see its positive side.

married after 30 years: the benefits

In this age, usually people already know what hotyatkak life and on family relationships, and marry with vseyotvetstvennostyu consciously.Also, people are usually able to nahoditkompromissy, a blind eye to minor flaws - all this will help umenshitkolichestvo possible quarrels and scandals, and, accordingly, it means that brakbudet much stronger.

Equally important is the financial side of the issue.If vashpartner older than 30 years, it is likely that he already has a certain status insociety, living space, career, personal vehicles.In that case you mozheterasslabitsya and allow yourself to enjoy life.You do not have to chase zauspehom in an attempt to secure the future, you can safely give birth ivospitat it.And even if there is something bad, then you no longer have to budetnachinat from scratch.

Some women find advantage that vbolshinstve cases to this age, a man already "walk up" as well as the ion itself.All the storms of passions and emotions have passed, and now you are ready to partner with ksemeynym relations.Already, neither you nor your man will not jeopardize vashbrak just for the sake of dubious affair.

Most often in such a marriage sexual relations takzheskladyvayutsya good enough.Each partner has already opredelennymumeniem and experience, which allows both to have fun, so idostavit his other partner.Of course, it is impossible to stoprotsentnoyveroyatnostyu claim that sexual relations are completely arrange vasoboih, but the chance of this is quite large.

Thus, marriage after thirty obladaetznachitelnymi advantage - you already have a certain karernyedostizheniya, any social status, you are happily married and a mother can statotlichnoy.

Some statistics

According to data provided by the European sotsialnymissledovaniem conducted in 2006, at least ten percent rossiyskiyzhenschin aged 30 to 40 years old were not married never, however, by 50, the number reduced to four percentthat is similar to what nekotorymzhenschinam just harder to be solved this very responsible and important step.

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