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Wedding shoes with high heels

But when a girl knows that high-heeled shoes will not bring her discomfort, choose between different height of heel will be directed not at the physical sensations, and the cut of the dress.


So, wedding shoes should have a style that is suitable for her wedding dress.If you are getting married in the summer, late fall or early spring, then instead of shoes you can buy beautiful sandals.To determine the height of a heel, you must first decide how long will your wedding dress.By the way, try on a wedding dress and shoes are inseparable from each other.If you want to dress to the floor were defining its length, shoes shoes.Remember that when the groom initially decides to take high-heeled shoes, and then change the decision and takes less than a heel, she is in danger.The fact that her dress would be this long, and you will not be able to walk normally.

Many girls believe that they can not wear wedding shoes that have high heels, because they do not know how to walk in such shoes.In fact, it's

not that difficult.You just need to choose the comfortable heel.Remember that the shoes do not necessarily have to be at the hairpin.There are shoes with thick heels, heels, a drink, and so on.Choose for yourself the model that you like the most.

If you decide to take the high-heeled shoes, immediately check whether they are stable.Wedding shoes should have a comfortable shoe.Meryaya pair of shoes, do not hesitate to go for a long time dressing, you can even do a few dance steps.Keep in mind that these shoes you will have to walk around the city and dance.If you feel that the heel is unsteady and you can not stay on it for a long time - give up this pair.


There are a variety of models of shoes.Choose the one that fits on a style to your dress.For example, high heel shoes can be decorated with crystals or stones.The main thing is that they do not look too nalyapisto.If your dress to the floor, then the choice of shoes should be given even more attention.High-heeled shoes should not look bulky.Remember that the bride - a little angel, honey, feather.It must flit through the banquet hall, not hobble, barely moving his feet.The fabric from which sewed your shoes, can be a satin or matte.All again depends on the style of dress.If you are staying on a satin or silk model, then better to buy shoes made of satin.But the wedding dress made of opaque material, such as ideal shoes.

break in high-heeled shoes should start at least a few weeks before the wedding.Remember that the new shoes rubbed his legs.Besides, it is necessary to get used to the terminal.So try as much as possible to vilify their wedding shoes, to know exactly what they will not let you down in a day of celebration.