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Changing names after marriage

As a rule, half-baked wife, who took her husband's surname, justify their decision by saying that it is a tradition, so she and her husband have become dearer.Sometimes a new surname gives hope for new life.In some situations, women say they change the names of the husband demanded.Undoubtedly, if a family has one name, there is no dispute about the fact, what is the name of the children, and will not question why a child and parent have different surnames.

However, if the new name is not very melodious or a girl, she just did not like it, often after the change of names of the woman complains that agreed to change the name at the request of her husband.Everything else, change the names of red tape with the documents required.The need to change the documents is the most common reason why women do not change the name.Also, do not change the name of the bride when it is known in some environments, and is a kind of brand.And another reason - the surname of her husband simply did not like the woman.

If a girl for reflection, weigh the "pros" and "cons", and nevertheless decided to change her maiden name, then after the wedding will have to run, to change some of the documents, namely:

  • passport of the Russian Federation.This document is to be exchanged for one month.If the exchange of passport did not happen, the passport is no longer valid.
  • After you change the passport, the following documents must be changed.
  • workbook.In this case, do not have to do anything: the employer zacherknet first write a new name and making an explanation that the name changed due to marriage.
  • insurance certificate.I should be at his residence.With a need to have the old pension certificate and passport.
  • INN.Change of place of residence rights.Bring the old TIN certificate and passport.It is worth noting that the number of the certificate will not change, change only the name of it.
  • driver's license.Change can be in the SAI.When you register you must have: a driver card, a marriage certificate and a photocopy of his driver's license, medical certificate (the new name), the payment receipt of state duty for obtaining the rights.
  • medical policy.Changes in the same organization in which it was received.All changes can be specified in the clinic or the district.
  • passport.It can be changed at any time after a change of surname.Immediately after the marriage can go on a honeymoon even on old passport, with a Russian passport must also be on the old name.After returning from a trip to do re-registration documents.

If a woman is the property of any property (villa, apartment, car), it is not necessary to renew documents.Simply, if necessary, should carry a copy of the (in some cases the original) of the marriage certificate.

those girls who are learning, it is necessary to approach the dean's office and write a statement about the change of name in zachetke and diplomas.

If the diploma was obtained before the marriage, then I do not need a diploma: if necessary, it will be necessary to present a marriage certificate.

It should also be borne in mind that if the period of validity of passports ends (this happens in 20 or 45 years) and at the same time she decided to change the name, then sign with an invalid passport fail.Thus, the passport will have to change twice: first on the expiration date, and then in connection with the change of his surname after marriage.

Eventually, the name - it is not important, love and understanding is more important.If a girl wants to change the name, then no it will not stop the tape.

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