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Duties of the parents of the groom before the wedding

Responsibilities mother of the groom

What are the specific duties of the parents of the groom before the wedding?Let's start with the mother of the groom.Of course, first of all, it must prepare a favorite son for the holiday wedding day.This implies a variety of outfits and accessories.Mother of the groom is completely responsible for the appearance of her son at a wedding party.The fact that the future in-law can see her daughter before the wedding day, so looking at her dress, she really will pick the perfect costume for her son.Also in preparation for the wedding, the groom's mother is obliged to help him to choose a gift for the bride.Still, not all young people can determine what to buy the woman he loves to a gift she really liked.

also mother of the groom to prepare a meeting of young after painting.It is necessary to order a tasty loaf, with whom she will wait on the threshold of their honeymoon common home, as well as to prepare a speech and wishes for children.Also, if you go to follow t

he traditions, the mother of the groom to be a beautiful scarf, which she povyazhet young head, in a sign that she is now the wife.

That mother of the groom is engaged in the decoration of cars.Even if the decoration chosen with the bride, the task of mothers in the morning of the wedding day to decorate the car so that it was the most graceful, tender and romantic.

Still, the responsibility of the parents of the groom, as the bride's parents, is to organize a banquet.In this case, the two men get together with their children and discuss what should be on the form as the sum of the costs will be shared, how many people will be invited.Of course, so do only if the wedding is organized with the help of mothers and fathers.If young people are not asking for financial support from their parents, this item is omitted.

duty of the father of the groom

As Pope groom, then he does not have specific responsibilities and requirements in terms of performance of certain actions and rituals before the wedding beloved son.Therefore, he has the right to choose what to do.However, most likely, fathers, husbands are taking on responsibility for technology.That is, the Pope deals with voucher, photographer and cameraman.In addition, if the parents are directly involved in the organization of the banquet, the father can take up the purchase of alcoholic beverages in which men understand better than women.

Also, before the wedding, the groom's father, as his mother, should prepare a speech with which he will meet the young after the registrar.Although the first to receive a blessing from the mother's words and wishes of his father is also very important.

More bridegroom's father should remember that he has to dance with his daughter at the wedding banquet.Therefore, if the Pope is not very good at dancing or just rusty, he should refresh your memory and rehearse before the wedding.Well, if he will be able to dance at least a few times it was a daughter.

Yet, be that as it may, the main task of the parents before marriage is the ability to show that marriage - it's really beautiful, to give his son sensible and useful advice, and do not hide their joy and always support and help in any situation.After all, whatever the traditions of certain obligations of parents, they always have to help his son, in all matters which he addressed them with respect to a wedding celebration.Thanks to the wisdom and experience of life, Mom and Dad will always be able to help find the right solution in every situation.