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Ode to olive oil

Strictly speaking, the oil does not have to be an olive.You can just as well apply almond, linseed, peach, grape seed oil, avocado and even sunflowers.But in terms of price / quality olive oil has no equal.

Thus, the use of olive oil for cosmetic purposes:

1. Washing the oil and make-up remover. Suitable for all skin types, even oily.Oil well dissolves sebum, so it operates more efficiently than foams and gels in combination with water.The procedure is simple, but it is better to use only in the evening.Thick layer of oil is applied to the skin.Then you need to massage the face for a minute or two.Then the oil is gradually washed off with a sponge soaked in hot water.For more complex, but also more effective treatments will need a bowl of boiling water or broth of herbs and small towel made of natural fabrics (old but clean).A towel soaked in hot water before the massage is applied for 2 minutes on the face.Then the same oil and towels can be washed off.

Thus, in a single procedure can remove

make-up, clean skin, get a massage, exfoliation and nourishing mask, if oil is to add essential oils (orange, rosemary, lavender, rose, in general, any nice-smelling and natural).

2. Facial. Owners of dry and normal skin can use olive oil as a day cream.To do this, right after washing, without wiping the skin with a towel, apply a little oil and massage the face and only after that wet towel (better than the old, but clean trip №1).

3. Hand Care. Olive oil moisturizes and soothes dry skin, and the addition of lemon oil to it carefully and gradually whiten it.

4. Nail Care. Weekly "soak" nails in warm oil.To warm up a little oil, enough to put a glass bowl with the necessary quantity of oil on the teapot with boiling water.

5. Wrap hair. rumored - a favorite tool of Italians for hair care.Must be applied to the entire length of the hair, and rubbing the roots, the warm oil and wrap head for at least one hour.Then rinse shampoo.The effect is also intensified by adding essential oil.It is best to apply the hair oil of citrus - orange, lemon, bergamot and grapefruit in particular.

6. Foot massage. habit every night before going to bed massage your legs will not only soften the skin of the feet, but also to ensure a healthy and deep sleep, and thus feel better in the morning.
Massaging can be as follows:

  1. Apply oil on foot and knead it vigorously;
  2. With pressure from the heel to hold the fingers first on the inner edge, then the middle and on the outside;
  3. With pressure to hold the inner edge of the foot from the toes to the heel;
  4. massage each finger, starting with the little finger, pressing firmly on the ball of each finger;
  5. Using hand force pull the toes and on my own;
  6. Apply a little oil on the palms and massage caviar;
  7. quick movement hold your hand from the toes to the knee.

The oil can be added oil of sage.It helps to get rid of excessive sweating.

7. Care of the lips. delicate skin of the lips quickly gets used to lip balms and gradually can not do without them."Cure" of this relationship, you can use olive oil.For this we need only to carry a small vial (from the probe perfume or essential oil, for example) with the oil and apply it every once in place balm.Over time, the oil will need to use less and less becauseweather-beaten lips stop.

8. Body Care. Apply to wet body after a shower massage, then blot with a towel.

Be beautiful!