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Sagging skin after rapid weight loss

lipoplasty can help you solve this problem?Plastic surgeons will simply remove the excess skin.However, most medical professionals advise not to lift immediately and after weight loss suffer one or two years because during this period of time the body can be used for skin tightening their natural resources.You should know that such an operation is very expensive, and it is associated with certain risks.

There are situations when the situation without surgery is not correct, but it is better not to bring this up, you need to remember some simple rules:
- need to lose weight gradually.For extra weight there is not now, and get rid of them, should go some time.Quite naturally a desire to quickly come back to normal, but it is better in these cases not to hurry.Doctors are advised to lose no more than a week from the pound to a kilogram.Because rapid weight loss will not benefit, but only great harm, because in the normal range is difficult to remain for a long time.Many are gaining weight again discarded

, and sometimes even more added.

- It is not necessary to adhere to the "hard" diet.Only strong dietary restrictions can lead to sagging skin.

- during each meal eat proteins (dairy products, fish, poultry, meat).

- Diets that are low in fat, it's not for you.If a day to consume insufficient amount of fat is less than 30 grams, then this will lead to skin dryness and loss of elasticity.It will be useful to use unsaturated fats (nuts, fish, vegetable oil, and others).

- do gymnastics - jogging, fitness lead the skin and muscles of problem areas in order.You must visit the fitness club or gym two or three times a week.And, doing strength exercises with dumbbells at the gym, or help you replace your fat folds muscles.

- In using the required quantity of liquid, allow to maintain the proper level of skin moisture balance, because hydrated skin always elastic.

- contrast or a cold shower helps stimulate circulation.

- Bath with hot water with the addition of sea salt is able to rid the body of harmful toxins.

- If you do daily exfoliation, it helps skin regeneration, while the old skin cells otshelushatsya and "new" skin becomes supple and young.

- Use daily nutrient or moisturizer, especially their well-applied after peeling.

- Excellent effect gives such beauty treatments like body wraps and massages, which can prevent sagging skin.

Lose weight slowly.How much time did it take you to gain extra weight because they score at one week.Why did you want to lose those kilos in one week?Rapid weight loss has caused great harm to health.After a quick weight loss people are not able to maintain the current weight for some time and then gaining weight, dropped so hard.

- Hyaluronic acid is a part of our skin.It increases the elasticity, restores the hydro-lipid balance and helps self-regeneration of the skin for a long time retains moisture in the skin and keeps it.Over time, the number of its tissues decreases makes sense as food additives to take it.The body synthesizes small amounts of hyaluronic acid and for this it needs magnesium.To increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid you need every day to take vitamin and mineral complex with magnesium.

Now we know how to prevent sagging skin after rapid weight loss.Getting rid of the extra kilos gradually.We do not stick to strict diets, leading to sagging skin.Takes 2 or 3 times a week exercises the power, take a cold shower or a contrasting one or two times a day, do a daily exfoliation, using scrubs.Adhering to these tips can prevent sagging skin.

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