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How to make eyelashes longer and lush

length, shape and color of eyelashes depends on genes.If a child lashes are short, with age they become longer.And at the wrong care can only deteriorate, poredet and even start to fall.The main secret of lush and long eyelashes, like Malvina - it vitamins, delicate care and beauty tricks.

Energize lashes

most nutrients for the health of eyelashes - vitamins A, E, provitamin B5, panthenol and ceramides-D.Due to the lack of these vitamins eyelashes may become dull and weak.But this is not always due to a general vitamin deficiency.In the body of these vitamins may be enough, but for various reasons, to the eyelashes, they simply do not reach.Therefore it is better to use fortified funds locally, causing them precisely on the eyelashes.Such agents include castor oil and burdock - their formula rich in vitamins A and E, responsible for the rapid growth and hair structure.Apply oil to gently, distributing it on the lash line, but so that it does not hit in the eye mucosa.For this procedure, it is best

to use a clean brush - Applicator from the old carcasses.But there are also specialized tools for eyelashes.For example, strengthening gel Lipocil by French brand Talika developed ophthalmologist and is intended to stimulate the growth of eyelashes or eyelash tonic brand Mavala.Useful for eyelashes vitamins and oils are often included in the formula of mascara.All the components included in the composition of cosmetic products, are specified on the label in descending order of their percentage.

properly remove makeup

According to statistics, 70% dropped out of the cilia, we lose it when removing makeup.Of course, if we are talking about 1-2 eyelashes, do not worry.Like all the hair on the head or body, eyelashes also updated.But if cotton pads after removing make-up with surprising regularity are several eyelashes, the problem still exists.Often it is associated with aggressive methods remove the carcass.Not worth much rubbing the means of age, you can not pull at the lashes - this they are injured.Rinse with ordinary ink with warm water and foam cleanser is theoretically possible but practically difficult and nebezboleznenno for your lashes better to use special lotions, and tonics.And in order to better and faster ink washed off soaked cotton pad cleanser need a few seconds to attach to your lashes.

Select mascara

When you select should be guided first of all the individual characteristics of the eyelashes.So how long do eyelashes and lush only "correct" ink.Voluminous mascara suitable for the weak, rare, but sufficiently long eyelashes.Good result gives a "double" with white mascara base.Brush applicator and mascara formula directed to the same effect.For bulk mascara applicator should be fluffy and its bristles - densely planted to each other.

To better tighten up the lashes, brush mascara applicator extension should be of short bristles and concave shape.Lengthening mascara is recommended to apply "tighten up" movement, fixing brush curved eyelashes.Recently, instead of the usual mascara brush in the extension are often used straight, thin comb applicators.Thin cloves evenly distribute mascara from base to tip, whereby the eyelashes become even longer.But compared with a concave brush comb lashes less bent.

The waterproof mascara no particularly harmful additives, it just means you need to wash oil-based ink and so rarely with an additional effect.

expert advice:

to add volume:

«If you're tired or you have dark circles under the eyes, apply mascara only on the upper lashes - this will reduce the visual make-up blue under the eyes" - the brand makeup artists adviseClinique.

color or black?

«classic shades of black and brown mascara is always relevant, and be in harmony with the fashionable shades from the latest collections of makeup and color ink - most accessory for special occasions," - said Marina Udalova, makeup L'Oreal, Paris.

How to store mascara?

«shelf life of mascara is 3 years in closed and only 3-4 months in the open.In order to extend the "shelf life" of mascara, it is recommended once a week to wash the brush.Do not put a tube of mascara under the open sun, do not take it with you during a hard frost, ink can deteriorate under the influence of temperature fluctuations "- advises Hope Vasilyeva, makeup artist Gamma Cosmetics.

about the types Eyelashes

According to recent research conducted by brand Lancome, in the world there are as many as six types of eyelashes!The winner of thick, long and well curved eyelashes, there are only 21%.Eyelashes can be further weakened, short and rare (20% of respondents) or, for example, too light, including with bleached tips.The last type of eyelashes common to almost all natural blonde and redhead.29% of women complain that their eyelashes tough and very direct.And 24% of women lashes "naughty" type - matted, it is difficult to fix.

What's in the cabin?


in beauty salon use the eyelashes of silk or mink.They are attached to the base of the eyelashes and fixed with special glue.Artificial eyelashes are selected based on their natural location: longer attached close to the outer corner of the eye, shorter - at the inner corner of the eye.Thus, you can adjust the shape of the eyes considerably.In addition, the extended eyelashes have saturated color, and tint the optional ink.Unfortunately, the "lifetime" of eyelashes such as natural and 3-4 weeks.

How much is: 1500-6000 rubles.

Perm eyelashes. With this procedure, you can achieve different effects from theatrical bent "puppet" to the natural eyelashes and natural curl.Fixing medications do not cause irritation of the eyes, as applied only to the middle of the lashes.After applying the clamp on each eyelash worn miniature roller-curlers.The procedure is very laborious, but the result is worth it.The effect is maintained for 2-3 months.The only negative - fixing products slightly brightens the eyelashes.And after a curling many girls prefer to immediately resistant dyeing eyelashes.

How much is: 2000 rubles.

Resistant dyeing eyelashes. Mascara dramatically different from conventional hair.The composition of the assets held additional ophthalmic tests.The colors from blue-black to light brown.Eyelashes after persistent staining do not flow, and makeup is perfect in any weather.

How much is: 1170 rubles.

Tattoo eyelashes.It shallow tattoo outline century.Along the lash line using a specially pigmented paint.The circuit becomes clearer, thereby lashes look thicker.Permanent makeup lasts from 3 to 5 years.

How much is: 4100 rubles.

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