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How to get rid of acne marks

That is in any case impossible to crush pimples, and should be the right treatment.In this case, there is no threat of the appearance of traces of acne scars, red or dark patches on the skin, greatly enlarged pores, pigmentation areas high.Stains on the face delivering the same discomfort as are rashes.They can ruin any attractive face, so you should try to get rid of acne marks.Unfortunately, deep pits and scars is difficult to remove from the face.You should not rely only on domestic masks and other traditional remedies.It is unlikely that they will help.However, that's superficial traces of acne, such as red or dark spots, it is possible to eliminate most at home with the help of cosmetics.In other cases, consult a specialist.

Visit beautician

is no doubt that treatment under the supervision of a specialist - a guarantee of success in getting rid of acne spots.Experienced beautician certainly sort out the causes of spots, choose the best course of treatment, if necessary, appoint a special proce

dures, such as laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, etc.

Such procedures should be appointed only the doctor who will tell all the details about the consequences of such therapy and itsfeatures.It is believed that these procedures are prescribed after a struggle with acne or running with a large number of scars and blemishes on the skin.If the condition of the skin as a whole is normal and other methods, though slow, but correct view of the skin, it is best to continue to use them.

cosmetic cream

applying cosmetic cream in the treatment of acne blemishes - not the best option in the treatment.Conventional cream, available in stores on the shelves with a variety of cosmetics, is unlikely to lead to positive results, and the rate of recovery of the skin with the help of such creams is very durable.

Medical creams, ointments and gels

Medicines of this kind acquire mainly in pharmacies.With their selection to a specific type of skin should use the advice of a pharmacist.Before the purchase is recommended to study in detail the summary.And to eliminate the occurrence of allergic reactions, you should check ointment (gel) in a small area of ​​the skin.

traditional medicine

Many remedies sold in drugstores and department stores, are based on the recipes of traditional medicine.However, the concentration of components, including the active ingredient in cosmetic creams is very low.Thus, such a cream or ointment is often not visible effect is faster as compared with freshly prepared folk remedy.Prepare an effective folk remedy for acne spots can be easily and at home.

most popular following recipe mask against stains:

cosmetic concoctions (sold in the pharmacy) and white clay to be mixed at a ratio of 1: 1, and then dilute the resulting mixture with hydrogen peroxide to the consistency of sour cream.This is the formula for the mask, which will help get rid of blemishes.Apply it on the face should be dotted and leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove with warm water.After the mask should be made from an infusion of aloe lotion and calendula (1: 1 mixture).This should be a dot.Tincture of Aloe is also sold in pharmacies or you can squeeze fresh juice from aloe leaves the room.In making the mask is better to add peroxide dropwise.Otherwise, the mask can get very liquid, or even worse, aggressive.To cook the mixture approach seriously.

This mask is considered to be very effective.But after that may appear on the skin peeling.Is there a side effect depends on the type of skin and the quality of the procedure.From peeling can be eliminated by using castor oil or other natural moisturizing agent.