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On his head is between 100 and 150 thousand hairs.On the day we lose them from 70 to 100 pieces - is considered the norm.The average life expectancy of hair - 4-5 years.Some live for 2-3 years, but there are "long-livers", growing 12 and even 20 years!Life expectancy, as well as the structure of the hair, is laid at the genetic level.In the state telogeneza (rest when the bulbs are "asleep" and do not produce hair growth rods) normally hold up to 15% of the bulbs.A higher number of "sleeping" may indicate alopecia.Telogenez lasts 3 months. The treatment of hair (when there are serious problems that need is treatment and not just literate most optimal hair care) - six months.So please be patient!

Hello, summer!

Summer is in full swing, and we notice the hair, exulted in the first warm days, when they got rid of nodding captivity, suddenly "become sad."The sun, when it is too much, dries hair, making them brittle.What to do?

Prevention - better than cure .Therefore, advance passes to "sunny" series.Shampoos, conditioners, styling products Summer lines contain a UV filter.In any case, the shampoo should be marked "very soft": it does not dry the skin and hair, and retains moisture.Choose styling products without alcohol (in principle, spirit varnishes and mousses to be avoided at any time of year, but in summer it is taboo), with protective functions.Sea - too duplicitous friend.On the one hand, the seawater contains a great amount of minerals and trace elements, on the other - they may also provide an overabundance of the drying effect.So make it a rule after each swim (in any body of water) thoroughly washed hair.The softer the water is, the better (to boil, add a little vinegar or use thermal or rainwater). If trouble has occurred, and the hair has suffered, first, get rid of completely burnt and lifeless ends.They have not come back, they will only interfere with the rest mass of hair will recover. Secondly regularly (2-3 times per week) using a mask ready for the hair and serum.Medical components contained in disguise, restores hair, protect, nourish them and lead to normal scalp.

Why hair falls out?

exact answer to this question is still not even have scientists trichologists, because here the processes involved intercellular exchange of information and events literally at the nano level.In any case, increased hair loss that you and your family seems abnormal, should seek medical advice.There are many pathologies exactly when hair loss is the first and sometimes the only symptom of the disease.To their loss can cause failure of the endocrine system, hepatitis, dysbiosis, back problems, blocking access to sufficient nutrients to the hair roots.The examination is important to exclude triggers: stopping hormonal contraceptives, the consequences of an unbalanced diet or taking amphetamines to lose weight.Sometimes the cause of accelerated loss - for drugs.

carefully studied annotations and definitely consult a specialist.By the way, "molt" in patients receiving drugs is reversible and ends as soon as they are removed from the body.Hair loss can be a purely physiological.In a woman's life, there are times when increased hair loss is associated with hormonal changes, such as after childbirth.Fallout hair react to stress or violation of physiological adaptations, such as changing the time zone.All these factors reduce the duration of hair growth.After 1-2 months the symptoms disappear, and re-grow hair in accordance with their biological rhythms.

'll have to clearly separate the care of the scalp and the hair mass.Applied to the skin absorbing means normalizing sebum secretion, but does not dry the skin.This can be a special professional (beware of cheap imitations!) Mixture of essential oils (created specifically for fighting dandruff, inflammation and hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands).Works great masks based on natural clay - white, green or blue.Keep in mind, if you do not protect bleached hair with a special compound, under the influence of the mask, they can go green!So choose means only after consultation with trichologist or a master in the cabin.

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50% of the population at least once experienced discomfort due to dandruff.Although it is not contagious, it is necessary to get rid of! Dandruff occurs as a result of a pathological acceleration of the natural process of cell renewal of the scalp.In the normal cycle of cells from the lower layers of the stratum corneum of the epidermis is achieved in 25-30 days.During this time, they are completely dry.When the cycle is much shorter, 5-14 days, some cells stick together and peel off a noticeable whitish-yellowish flakes that we call dandruff.Predisposing factors for its occurrence can be excessive formation of skin sebum due to hormonal changes, diet or other factors that could alter the normal microbial balance of the scalp.

Three factors are responsible for dandruff:

1) The specific composition of sebum - with a high content of saturated fatty acids;

2) reduced immunity of the skin;

3) increased activity of the fungus Malassezia globosa.Malassezia globosa - a natural inhabitant of human skin microflora.Its breakdown products cause irritation of the skin, strengthening the process of cell division of the epidermis and dandruff, especially if the skin's immunity is weakened.To really overcome dandruff, you need to take control of harmful fungi.It is localized on the surface of the skin, therefore are used in treatment of antifungals for topical application.To date, the most effective means for taming Malassezia - zinc pyrithione. coloring and styling - a mandatory procedure for the creation of elegant appearance. There are high-quality shampoos and conditioners that address exactly the issue that is relevant to you the most, even in the process of washing the head: to make hair smooth and straight, to help keep the curls, to prevent leaching of pigment dyes Choose ... means it is a "decorative"oriented, if your hair is almost healthy, but in need of protection. With advanced technology dryers and stylers protect hair from thermal shock and drying.And by using ionization technology allow the hair to maintain the natural negative charge.

Home cosmetic line for hair must include:

preparation for deep cleaning.3-4 times in a month the hair should be cleaned by layers of chlorine from the water, the particles styling, etc. Daily shampoo for hair type.It is used twice (first wash off the dirt, then give effect beneficial ingredients), wash the head if less 36-48 hours and once - if often. daily conditioner.It is applied by distributing on a small section, retreating 3-5 cm from the scalp and rubbing "on the head." preparation for deep moisturizing.Use once a week to the air conditioner.Similarly applied and cured. Protective moisturizing formulation that does not require rinsing.It will protect your hair until the next washing. masks applied to the scalp before washing, as recommended by the expert.It may seem that this is a very difficult and costly.But, having bought two of shampoo instead of one (and daily cleaning), you will use them too in 2 times longer.

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