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Ingrown hairs in the bikini area

epilation itself is not the most pleasant procedure.Case deteriorating by the fact that after it impacts occur as ingrown hairs or skin irritation.Particularly unpleasant sensations arise in the processing of bikini, because the procedure causes discomfort, itching and burning.Ingrown hairs sometimes cause more trouble than the same abscess.And the appearance of the skin irritation or ingrown hairs from the skin is poor.Therefore, women want to solve this problem quickly and without delay.

Processing bikini

The main thing is to remember the woman who removes hair in the bikini area - what ingrown hairs in this area, as well as the inflamed follicles in any case can not be opened.If this small gets wound infection, it can grow to enormous size that generally can lead to skin diseases.Everything else, even if the wound is healed, this place formed a scar, which also does not look very aesthetically pleasing.Therefore, a woman should choose for themselves the best way to handle this area.Some uses for

this machine, someone uses the appliance, and someone visits cosmetology center.

way to get rid of ingrown hairs

On ways of getting rid of the problem can be found in the beauty parlor, but for most women the problem is so personal and intimate that they do not want to discuss it even with his close friend.And often, this problem requires more than material, but rather physical and moral costs.To get rid of ingrown hairs is necessary to observe the following scheme: preparation procedures, removal of hair (this can be used in different ways), recovery or treatment.It is necessary not only to remove ingrown hairs, but in general to prevent their occurrence.Now there are many different ways that you can help prevent ingrown hairs.

common way to remove ingrown hairs

Before hair removal procedure is necessary to take a hot shower.It is to steam the skin and facilitate the process of hair removal, making it almost painless.In addition, it is desirable to use a scrub or loofah to remove dead skin cells.These actions, if not get rid of ingrown hairs in future, then at least will drive the problem to a minimum.After removing the skin and the hair must be treated scrub or washcloth.Since then the hairs will be easier to cut through the skin.In addition, to forget about this problem, it is necessary to use special tools used both during epilation, and after the procedure.For example, there are special lotions which prevent ingrown hairs.

Help professional

If the hair is already rooted, it is best to seek professional help.If this solution is not acceptable, it is necessary to carry out the following sequence of actions.First, you need to steam the skin.What follows is sanitized place where rooted hair and a thin needle.Needles need to pick up the ingrown hair and pull him to the surface.After this place with ingrown hairs again treated disinfectants.If one is not rooted hair, and quite a large number, it is better to give up hair removal and do not touch the hair.To solve this problem is unlikely to succeed, especially if ingrown hairs in place pustules formed.In this situation, you must apply to the beauty parlor, which will be assigned the necessary drugs - anti-bacterial ointment.If the bikini area arises only slight redness, use anti-inflammatory drugs.

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