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How can you determine pregnancy

first symptoms of pregnancy - absence of menstrual periods, vomiting, nausea, irritation of the bladder, breast changes.All these signs are sufficient proof of pregnancy.Of them, most women know, others do not attach any importance to the whole.There are women who are very eager to have a child, and the slightest change in the body take during pregnancy.

How to pregnancy?
absence of menstruation
It is a sign of the ensuing pregnancy, need to pay attention, if the delay is prolonged, it can be said that the woman is pregnant.This symptom faithful women from 16 to 40 years, in this age of more than a regular menstrual cycle.The delay can be checked using the test, if the delay of 1 day, but it's better not to rush to check in some time.

But the reason for the delay menstruation may be: hormonal disorders, thyroid disease, stress, high anxiety, all this should be taken into account.

breast changes
From the first days of pregnancy a woman's body hormonal changes, the body prepares for the upcomin

g 9 months, which is reflected in the woman's breast, as it will be ready to produce breast milk.Mammary glands from the first weeks of pregnancy suffer changes.Many women before menses feel heaviness in the chest, and in pregnancy, these sensations are more pronounced.Throughout pregnancy breasts will be swollen and painful, it increases in size.

Vomiting and nausea
Nausea and vomiting may be the cause of the ensuing pregnancy, the causes may be different.Nausea in the first 3 months of pregnancy suffers half of pregnant women.Sometimes vomiting is rare, but with the increase in the period it can grow, often vomiting can trigger certain smells.The cause of nausea may be hormonal changes in the body, some women experience a very sharp, others do not notice it.Another reason may be that the weakened wall of the stomach.But to the 12 week nausea stops.In rare cases, vomiting and nausea cause great inconvenience and become uncontrollable.Therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor or a psychologist is likely it may be strong emotional stress, depression, experience.

Tips from morning sickness
Some of the tips to help single women other tips may not help, but in any case, you should try.

1. Breakfast in bed
It may be a dream for women, and pregnancy will be a good opportunity to pamper yourself.If possible, ask your husband to bring you breakfast in bed.Eat, and before you get up, wait 15 minutes.According to doctors, filled the stomach to help cope with nausea in the morning.If there is no one to bring breakfast, then take care of it the night before, prepare in advance, breakfast should be easy.

2. Reducing portions
good remedy for a day anti-nausea - is to reduce the amount of food, but to increase the number of meals.The stomach will be easy to eat, it is important for pregnant women, because the stomach wall can be weakened.The more food is consumed, so the stomach does not remain empty for long periods, which usually can provoke nausea.

3. Avoid irritating odor
woman during pregnancy becomes very sensitive to different smells, and some cause her nausea.Avoid sugary, spicy, tangy flavor.

bladder irritation
in early pregnancy increases the load on the kidneys, they work in a strong mode, as the bladder is filled with much more than it was before pregnancy.Therefore, it must be emptied frequently, it can also be a symptom of pregnancy.The bladder may remain so the entire pregnancy as the growing fetus puts pressure on all the time, it is often necessary to go to the toilet.

mood swings, irritability
the first days of pregnancy influences, can agree with that, as a woman can be irritable and nervous because of the uncertainty and expectations.

signs of pregnancy as most of menstruation may be aching, slight pain in the lumbar region, sacrum, lower abdomen.If the pain will be strong, you need to see a doctor.

changing tastes
This craving for salt.

Drowsiness and fatigue
frequently enough during early pregnancy symptom.They may miss women who get tired and fatigued at work, who do not get enough sleep.

In conclusion, I should add that it is possible to determine pregnancy using these tips, but it's better not to guess, trying to find at all of these symptoms as reliable signs of pregnancy can be determined in the later stages, it is best to do a pregnancy test and consult a doctor.