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The hormone oxytocin causes of

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about oxytocin first learned in the early XX century, when the English neurobiologist Dale Henry proved that "some stuff" in the hypothalamus causes the contraction of the muscles of the uterus of a pregnant cat.The name of the new substance is obtained thanks to a compound of two Greek words - "fast" and "birth". Later, Dale became a Nobel laureate, and oxytocin has turned into something more than a "pregnancy hormone."Scientists have found that oxytocin is present not only in the uterus, but also in the brain, heart, digestive tract.The level of oxytocin increases dramatically during orgasm, helping to transport sperm to the egg.Oxytocin is released during a massage and suppressing anxiety by reducing the threshold of pain.

During labor

greatest release of oxytocin occurs during delivery.Oden says.if natural childbirth, the woman is experiencing the most magical orgasm in her life.Knowing this fact mummy boldly and joyfully enter into labor.The release of the hormone stimulates

baby is in the womb.He seemed to signal a beginning of sorts.At the same time it turns on the ability of the crumbs to the development of oxytocin.Due to the hormone of love is born the placenta, as well as the formation of maternal instinct and affection.It turns out that oxytocin is indispensable and necessary in almost all spheres of life.Michel Odent calls oxytocin 'shy hormone. "Why? It turns out that for a magic orgasm during childbirth (about which many heard, but felt if anyone really knows) must be met certain conditions. Oxytocin is largely dependent on external factors.

♦ Ideally tribal area should be very warm, quiet enough and not too bright. Factors such as a cold, bright lights, loud music or voice provoke excessive production of adrenaline and impede the emergence of oxytocin.

♦ Oxytocin also loves bigcrowds. Even primitive tribes, where there is no sexual prejudices and notions of morality in a civilized society, the couple retire into a thicket or a special hut for the conception and birth, as if knowing about the features of oxytocin. In some cultures there is still a belief,that the main task of a midwife - to protect tribal zone, fending off intruders from the woman.

♦ better Oxytocin is produced in women who were able to completely relax, temporarily free from his intellect, Degree.Oden believes that care unconscious level ensures good deliveries without anesthesia.Medications replace cocktail of hormones, an important component of which - oxytocin.According to the doctor, to give birth in the presence of a few strangers in robes and masks, under the blinding spotlight impossible task is the same as asking a man in a public place to collect semen for analysis, fixing his body with belts in the same position, and connecting various sensors.

Artificial oxytocin

At a time when the body does not produce itself mothers love hormone, it is replaced with an artificial oxytocin.Sintotsinon or Pitocin administered in order to make the fight more intense.Michel Odent believes that "hormonal imbalance". When oxytocin is really not enough - a rarity. A woman's body is designed for the nature of the birth and the feeding of children. If you do not interfere with the delivery, everything will work like a Swiss watch, oxytocin come in time. Deliveries have stopped andthe doctor suggests to speed up the process with the help of artificial oxytocin? Try to start to change the conditions of the environment: Retire somewhere in a quiet corner, followed by the proper deep breathing, pat tummy and talk to the kid. You'll see that when you calm down, gain confidence in their abilities, fear will recede, and everything happens as well as possible for the mother and child! Artificial oxytocin is different from the natural order, that does not reach the receptors in the brain and affects our behavior. In other words, it is not a hormone of love, and a simple stimulant muscle contractions of the uterus.

successful lactation

Oxytocin promotes prosperous start of lactation and ensures successful and long-term breastfeeding.Schematically, it looks like this: after a vaginal birth mother takes the child in his arms, put to the breast, stands a drop of colostrum, the placenta is born.Such a sequence of well-thought-out nature.In the future, from crying, hungry baby oxytocin levels increased mom.And in the process of feeding is not only mechanical stimulation of the teats, and discards all but the same oxytocin which enters the milk and then the body remains.Thus, giving the baby milk, a woman receives in return a magic elixir of love: it becomes more relaxed, open, desired.However, some mothers complain about the lack of milk.Oden offers simple tips to use, rooted in the past.During feeding mother and baby better off in the "cave" - ​​a small room with a subdued light, so that nothing distracts them from this important process.Look into the eyes of crumbs.Touch the wonderful little hands, shoulders of ... and you do not notice how the milk will begin to stand out.The main thing - to believe in the power of love!To talk about the miracle of oxytocin can be infinite.Do not deprive yourself and loved ones "hormone of love"!Who else but the mother is able to give that feeling to others ?!

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