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How to preserve the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child

How to preserve the health of a pregnant woman?

1. Exercise.
during pregnancy should be a physical activity, but not so intense, what was before pregnancy.Avoid exercise in which you will quickly sweat, under which would be pressure on the abdomen.As an exercise, expectant mothers are very suitable swimming and hiking.

2. Drink liquids.
pregnant women that there was no additional load on the kidneys, constipation, maintain a balance in the body, you need to drink a day for two liters of water.

3. Get enough sleep.
During pregnancy fatigue, which is associated with all the changes taking place in a woman's body.So you need more sleep at night and sleep during the day for an hour.

4. Eat well.
pregnant woman should eat often and in small portions, to reduce the consumption of fatty and sugary foods.

5. Get plenty of rest.
Less worry, avoid stressful situations, we should not dwell on their problems.

6. Take folic acid.
women were the first twelve weeks of pregnancy should take folic acid, it wil

l help to avoid in order to avoid the child was born with various defects.

Women's Health.

during pregnancy should be avoided:

1. Smoking.
The fact that a woman takes during pregnancy comes to child through the placenta, and this includes toxins.It is not recommended to smoke during pregnancy.

2. Avoid "dangerous" food.
harmful food cheeses are not sterilized foods, the liver, as this food contains listerioznuyu bacterium.Refrain from underdone poultry, pork, underdone or undercooked eggs.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
not yet proven how much alcohol is safe, that the child was born healthy.Therefore, doctors advise during pregnancy to give up alcohol.

4. When the first symptoms that seem strange to you, or that you did not have before, you need to see a doctor.It may be vomiting and nausea in the last months of pregnancy, when the hands of itchy skin.

5. Do not skip doctor's practices, not shy away from getting tested regularly.

6. Do not take hot baths.
During pregnancy, do not take a hot bath, because they reduce blood pressure, you might just lose consciousness.

7. Avoid stress.
During pregnancy, severe stress can cause premature birth, and affect the weight of the child.

body of a pregnant woman is experiencing the load, as well as the body of the future mother lacks nutrients.Deficiency of a substance affects the condition of the skin, teeth, hair pregnant woman.Expectant mother should not be bad to treat yourself and your health, it is necessary at this time to look after themselves, engage with their appearance.

When a woman bears a child, her skin is very sensitive and delicate.At this time it is better to replace the usual cream on a cream, which is suitable for your dry skin, and well able to moisten it.It is best to choose a plant-based cream.During pregnancy, the woman has dark spots.Do not use bleaching agents, they are harmful to the child.After birth, the pigmentation will take place.

Completeness complicates pregnancy.

Complete women may lose a few extra kilos and the baby will be born healthy, normal weight.But if the mother will gain weight, then the child may appear overweight.Women of normal weight, during pregnancy may gain 11 to 15 kilograms, for larger women is recommended to add not more than 6 kg.Obese women during pregnancy is very difficult to lose weight, so long before conceiving a child they need to lead healthy, normal lives.

Weighted women can affect .
Sleep, exercise, nutrition, but it turns out to be an important factor in how a woman perceives her figure.According to studies, it was found that those women who were dissatisfied with pre-pregnancy figure, gained a lot of extra kilos, compared with women who belonged to her figure with love.If a woman finds herself fully, it will be to overeat during pregnancy.According to research scientists a woman of normal weight gain of up to 15 kg, and the total pregnant women during pregnancy fattening up to 11 kilograms.

Nutrition during pregnancy.
known that the baby is fed by the mother's body.And for the development of a child he needs vitamins, salts, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, oxygen and all those substances, which come from the mother's body.The key to the health of the mother and her unborn child is proper nutrition.

need to eat small meals 5 times a day.It is forbidden to eat - canned, smoked, sour, salty and spicy.The meat should be eaten boiled, and in the second half of pregnancy, it should be cut down to 3 times a week.From fat should be consumed easily digestible - the fish oil, eggs, yolks, butter.

undesirable to use laxatives.To avoid leg edema, limit the use of salt, it retains the fluid in the body and causes swelling in pregnant women.To the intestines to function properly, it is necessary to adjust its work roughage intake - up to 600 grams of black bread, should be cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, milk, fruit, juice, cereals and so on.

In conclusion, let us say that the health of the unborn child and the woman during pregnancy depends on proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle.To preserve the health of the child and yourself buduyuschemu, pregnant women should be given greater attention.By following these tips and guidelines, you can maintain your health, to cope with various unpleasant events and having a healthy baby.

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