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What you can and can not do during pregnancy?

And how else, if any careless action is fraught with the threat of a baby's health?After all, we have no right to risk the most valuable, that only can be in the world.

how much excitement and anxiety haunt a pregnant woman!The situation is exacerbated by the abundance of information on this topic, kindly provided by the Internet, media and literature.Well, of course, can not escape from the many tips for friends and relatives.They somehow already know best what is useful to you now, and what - is detrimental and unacceptable.And because there are folk superstitions.And all the recommendations, and sometimes contradict each other, so that head spin.

truth, as always, is somewhere in between.Therefore, the same assertion, if it is considered from different points of view, can have completely different character.It all depends on the specific conditions.So let's talk about what can and can not do during pregnancy.

So, the most common question is the possibility of the use of alcohol during pregnancy.It

is believed that a small amount of his future mom will not hurt.Especially if we are talking about a pregnant bride, that you will agree, it is now quite common.Well-wishers can not accept the fact that a woman in the state will be deprived of the joy of celebrating his own wedding glass of champagne and actively assure her safety in such an act.However, even in the Caucasus, where children traditionally drink wine, the couple did not offer.Alcohol is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy when the tab is the major organ systems of the body a little.Even a small amount of alcohol can lead to serious defects in the baby.But in the last months of drinking a glass of good wine (but not vodka or champagne) is quite acceptable.

pregnancy is often thirsty, and therefore legitimately raises the question of what beverages can adversely affect the health of the fetus.The use of natural juice nobody doubts.Traditionally, interest is harmless (or harm?) Of kvass, lemonade or tonic.

home brew can drink without fear - on health.But soft drinks cause the active fermentation in the intestine that provokes unwanted contractions.Hina, is an ingredient of tonics, it causes a similar effect, so the use of such drinks during pregnancy is better to exclude.To quench your thirst, use juices, fruit drinks, dairy products - all this and more useful source of vitamins.

Now in vogue soy products.Basically soy foods made from beans, subjected to genetic modification.The consequences of their actions on the body are still being studied, reliable results so far no.Particularly acute is the question of the use of soy food a pregnant woman.Obviously, if the future mom accustomed to such food, then a sharp rejection of an established diet can cause the baby's health more damage.In such cases, the use of soybean products are allowed.But the pregnancy - not the best time to explore them.Uses of soy is not so much, so it did not even start.

controversial is the question of whether to allow repairs during pregnancy.If they are planning to deal with the very future mom, the answer is an unequivocal and categorical - no.Repairs must be made a year before the appearance of the baby - that is how much time does it take to completely weathered all the smells and harmful substances.After the newborn is still very weak, his immune system is not ready to face such environmental factors.

most common folk omen associated with pregnancy, states that during this period you can not cut their hair.So now, future mom really stop to look after themselves and become a "blue stocking"?No scientific evidence of harm to the fetus from the haircut and there can not be.A breakdown of the pregnant woman from the contemplation of his own reflection untidy could negatively affect the health of your baby.So the entrance to the hairdresser you do not ordered.However, perming while waiting for a miracle is still not recommended, as well as hair coloring products from dubious vendors.First, while there is already a risk that you will "reward" the child did not correct his portion of harmful substances.Secondly, due to hormonal changes unpredictable reaction of hair - their condition can rapidly deteriorate.

Special attention should be paid to the use of deodorants pregnant women.Someone might say that their use is absolutely contraindicated and who is not in this uglyadite no harm.To what extent are right, and those and others.Deodorants, including aluminum salts future mums better get round, but treat yourself to a pleasant aroma antiprespiranta based on alcohol is not forbidden.

Now let's talk about what can and can not do during pregnancy to the sea.On the one hand, fresh air, vitamins and positive emotions, which will provide its coastline each guest, the only benefit for the crumbs.Therefore, if the pregnancy is without complications, safely collect the suitcase.But do not forget the critical period of weeks childbearing - 11-12, 26-27, 31-32.At these moments, the additional load on the body are highly undesirable because they can cause miscarriage or premature birth.In addition, the shaking and vibration characteristic of all forms of transport, provokes contractions in any trouble of pregnancy, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor.

Finally, the very relevant question of whether pregnant women spending time at the computer.If it's a short stay, such as a social network, there is nothing wrong with that.But the disappointing statistics show that the largest number of cases of missed abortion is characteristic just for women whose life is connected with the necessity of long work at the computer.