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Long-term storage of food

first rule is - do not do excess reserves for the future, in case of "if tomorrow the war."How long have kept certain products, each shelf life has its limits.The reserves for the future need, but you know the entire measure.Now open your refrigerator and check stale if there something "stockpiled" with the Christmas holidays.

second important rule - you need to cook as much as you can eat.If you have family here, of course, there must be other measures of calculating the food is prepared.Food should be prepared for the day, maximum - for two days.Savings time - is on the one hand a plus, but how would you react if you have filed in the cafe yesterday warmed soup?Speaking of food, one should consider the fact that everything that goes into our bodies affects our physical condition and health.

For prolonged storage of vegetable dishes, soups, side dishes, they greatly reduced vitamin content.For example, fresh soup, as you know, rich in vitamin C, did you know that even after three hours of storage cab

bage soup to lose 80% of vitamin C. After 6 hours of storage in the soup is retained only 10% of vitamin C. Hot vegetable dishes, soIt should be kept no more than an hour, and even better to eat immediately after cooking.

Many people believe that vitamins in cooked dishes retained when stored in the cold dish.In fact, it is not so, because the vitamins are quickly destroyed under the influence of not only high but also at low temperatures.

Long-term storage of food products occurs mainly when they freeze.In the freezer of the refrigerator can store the following food: meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and others. Do not store in the freezer jam or preserves.When freezing meat for the long term, we must put it in an enamel bowl and cover with paper or cloth.Freezing berries, do not wash them.The ideal packaging for frozen berries, fruits and vegetables - a plastic bag.

To avoid unpleasant odors in the refrigerator once a week, check the shelf life of its contents, wash the refrigerator with water and baking soda.

that all products were well preserved in the refrigerator should not be overloaded, overwhelmed him.Products with a strong smell store in plastic bags.

Those products that are not stored in the refrigerator, just can not tolerate bright light.It is best to store them in a dark place, which is not exposed to direct sunlight.This is especially true for those products that contain in their composition a lot of fat: vegetable oil, mayonnaise, chocolate, halva, and others. Also under the influence of light in products B vitamins are destroyed when exposed to light vegetables have the ability to accumulate harmful to human health - solanineespecially its many stores potatoes.Therefore vegetables are best stored in a dark place.

Do not make large stocks of cereals and flour, they can be got different pests.Cereals at home should be stored no more than a month.The flour should be stored in canvas bags to her received the necessary amount of air.If you have large stocks of cereals, it is necessary to put them on a few cloves of garlic that the cereals are not breeding pests.

To keep longer fresh milk, it should be boiled with sugar: 1 liter of milk.Boiled milk should be poured in a glass or enamel bowl.

Curd keep longer in the refrigerator, if the bottom of the bowl, where it will be stored, to throw a few pieces of sugar.

Cheese should not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, because, under the influence of cold air loses moisture and becomes dry and tough.To protect the cheese from premature drying, put next to him a lump of sugar and cover with a plate.Dry cheese you can freshen up, holding it for a while in the milk, so it will be as fresh.

greens and radishes should be stored in water.The greens can be wrapped in foil.Dill and parsley will remain as fresh, if you put them in a dry pan and close the lid.Chives will continue for a week, if you are the roots wrap the wet cloth and leave feathers dry.Onions, it should be put in a plastic bag.

If you need to save for a couple of days Cut onion, lubricate the cut margarine or butter, as the bulb will not lose its flavor.

If you want to save the lemons, they should be put in a jar with cold water and change the water on a fresh daily.To keep the cut lemon, cut put it on a saucer, poured vinegar, and then wrap it in a cloth soaked in vinegar.To become a fragrant lemon, before use pour over boiling water.

Fresh mushrooms are kept at home only 3 hours.If you do not have time to clean and prepare them, pour the mushrooms cold salted water.If the mushrooms a bit, put them in the refrigerator.

meat before long-term storage is better not to wash.Pork absorbs odors, so it should be stored in a sealed container.Cooked meat is best kept dry.Cut sausage will not spoil quickly if it cut grease egg white or a slice of lemon.

tea leaves are best stored in airtight glass or metal cans.Do not leave the tea leaves open the pack, so it does not lose flavor.

Store food properly and stay healthy!