Individual horoscope for the whole year for the May calves

From October 10 to November 7, you will need a maximum of diplomacy with the beloved.Relationships with family and loved ones in the mutual efforts can be harmonious throughout the year.We present to your attention an individual horoscope for the whole year for the May calves.

Those born from April 21 to May 1

From April to July, Neptune will bring luck and help.Support and approval of others are guaranteed.The whole year is favorable for learning.Always will be opportunities to enhance the prospects for the implementation of ambitious projects.Since June, your every endeavor is doomed to success.Try to do everything on time and be guided in their actions notions of generosity and fairness.Unconditional belief in business and optimism will ensure success.

Those born from 2 to 11 May

This year it will be possible to get rid of uncomfortable factors at work.Do not gloss over the problems and do not let them slide.From 22 May to 8 June your intentions will get a powerful impetus to the implementa

tion.Romantic mood will be felt particularly strongly in the first three weeks of September.You are waiting for cute gifts, trips to the theater and cinema.The first half of December is favorable for travel, vacations abroad, the tour to distant exotic countries.

Those born from 12 to 20 May

In the last two decades in February when dealing with leadership has shown tact and caution.Until mid-March, supporters and patrons will be able to help you in the promotion of creative ideas.From late May to mid-August, simple communication with other people will bring inspiration.Most likely, people from this circle would you invaluable service that can not be measured in monetary terms.Be alert to friends and family.


With the arrival of spring long-term relationship will be a smooth transition into the formal channel.Do not worry about the limited financial possibilities: in vogue modest celebration.For your pair it will be a kind of test, and if you soak test material limitations, it is likely you are together for a long time.For married couples the most dangerous issue in this year can be alienation, lack of communication and concealment of problems and reluctance to praise each other.But the most provocative period when they can slip or break thinking about divorce, will be in February - the beginning of April.Interesting acquaintances acquired at the end of the summer, will open good prospects.For the love sphere will be favorable: the middle of February, May 20-24, 26-28iyunya, 17-19avgusta, 10-13sen-ber, 15-17 and 22-24 November.Develop sensibility.


This year will probably increase in the family, or create your own family's children.You will be a great pleasure to receive guests at home, than to go to someone.The main task of the husband becomes intense activity to increase revenue.From April to its waiting many unpredictable situations, so be patient and spouse support.For him, too, will be important in your success, so try in any region to be herself.Do not make this year's children walk in groups and sections through the power - perhaps they simply will not have enough internal tone.


time since the end of February to the end of March will be a real test of familiarity for you and your family.Since April, the situation is equalized, and.most likely, your friends will show their best side.In June, financial problems may require the support of friends.This year, Saturn can be very sophisticated, and you feel the strength of life and create obstacles.From 16 to May 20, patrons can help in your endeavors.For joint recreation, walking, hiking in the entertainment activities particularly favorable: the middle of June, and September.Joint financial operations are successful in the second and third decade of June, in late July - early August.


have to take treatment for chronic diseases.If you stick to a reasonable, balanced diet and daily routine, then almost immediately be able to improve the situation.The second half of September - October can be a period of exacerbation.Those who have kidney problems, it is necessary to take preventive measures, and preferably under the supervision of a specialist.Make it a rule after a hard day do not rush straight home and go part of the way on foot, and on the road, for example, drink a cup of tea at a cafe and enjoy the trees in the park.Take frequent breaks, read poems and novels, watch TV less.Even some small respite during the day to help balance the nervous system and strengthen the immune system.In the second half of the protective functions of the body increase.


This year will lay the foundation for future material developments.Relationships in the team will be formed only in the presence of genuine mutual respect among employees.From 8 to 20 March harmonious interaction of Venus with Saturn will allow you to prove itself to the leadership as a person disciplined, accurate, punctual and executive.Since mid-March begins a long-term period, when career ambitions rather die.Events of the first half of June will largely determine the financial prospects for the year ahead.Since the end of May to end of July, there will be additional earning potential.Moving Jupiter, planet of happiness and wealth, 5 June in the sign of Taurus will bring a lot of good opportunities for self-realization, you will have a chance to prove itself with the best hand.In September and October is expected a lot of work.You just have this busy schedule and find time for yourself.Now that you know what the individual horoscope for the whole year for the May calves.