Horoscope lion for the new year

Traveling with your family or alone in August, will work with their fears and complexes, it will make you stronger and open new horizons for self-realization.If you are married, in this period, you are able to re-fall in love with her husband and wish to create with them a new child.If you are searching for, is to descend inadvertently Amazing love.In October, you'll be ready to go for the favorite anywhere, and in November there is a possibility of conceiving a child.The article on "Horoscope lion for the new year," you will know what to expect the Lions next year.

Those born from July 23 to August 1

Until March must be free from all debts at work, to pay attention to their health and the health of children, debt repayment as well as to help those in need.Perhaps pets require you to special care.From March 23 to June 23, the strong influence of the Black Moon - better will not leave the country.Your state of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness, the desire to try to be clever, all teach and show th

eir superiority could significantly hurt you.

Those born with 2 to 12 August

until October 13, all the excess and fragile, all unnecessary and not yours this year, thanks to lessons learned out of Saturn.All new contacts that have taken place during this time, new connections created in this period, promise to be durable for a lifetime.Pay close attention to people in times of 16-26 February, 10-20 March, 25 April-8 May 16-26, June 5-15 August 23 Septem-OC-1 October 9-19noyabrya.They will be fatal to you.Cherish old friends.

Those born from 13 to 23 August

until February 12, the intuition will help you navigate the events of public life - to avoid conflicts with partners and colleagues.From April 23 to June 4, you tend to exaggerate their importance, and it can be great blow to the image, wallet and health.Nothing important is done, not embarking on an adventure, especially those related to foreign countries.From 5 June to 10 August under the influence of the White Moon you will better understand the desires and impulses of his soul.


This year, under the influence of the Black Moon's ascending node and Neptune bring you variety in love.From February 8 to February 4 - ambiguous situation at work: in regular service relationship can run light flirting.Until mid-March Uranus exacerbates passion.In April-May trip abroad can give you a fateful meeting that will bring not only experience, but also a lot of events that will lead to the rebirth of the soul.June-July will highlight your friendly relations through the prism of cardiac affection.Since August, listen to her more often, try to understand and feel what it means to love yourself.An inner voice tells you who is most important for you being who you like.And family Lions may happen disputes and conflicts within the marital relationship, the main thing - do not take everything too tragically


friends in this difficult role was assigned.They can either be your support and the support, or destroyers and consumers.To those who would distract her idle chatter, you must communicate less.In June-July just happen this transition from words to deeds.This may be a case in which you open if not completely, then at least one facet of his talent.This may be a disc recording your songs, writing books, creating children's home club or conduct training on the art of true love.Since August Neptune affect partnerships.Do not succumb to fleeting feelings, gossip and rumors, better to trust your intuition.


In January and February can rush jobs on the job, but if the work is a favorite, you can easily cope with them.With the end of March, Black Moon and Uranus will provoke unpredictable situations in relations with foreign partners.In May and June, Jupiter will favor those who are prepared to take responsibility in the manual.There will be necessary acquaintances with influential people.From April to July, you must learn to understand the hints of intuition, be flexible, honest to herself, to see where self-deception, and where the true state of affairs.This will help you move up the career ladder, in the conduct of their own affairs and in all financial matters.Additional cash flow will come in September and December.Throughout the year, starting in March do not miss the opportunities for additional earnings.In December, it will be a great opportunity to say goodbye to your debts.Now that you know what the lion horoscope for the new year.

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