Love horoscope Aquarius woman

They support not only morally, but find real people who are in some way will help.You can be somewhat unusual, quarrelsome, rebellious, impulsive.In order to somehow protect your loved ones from the unpredictability, be extremely soft and quiet.Do not show quarrelsome disposition on February 10-11, March 8-9, 17-18 June;irritability - March 20-21, April 2-3, June 25-26, August 8-11, September 24-27.Expect love at first sight on April 22-23, July 6-7, 16-17 September.Love horoscope Aquarius woman Aquarius sign tells what the next year of the rabbit.


From 4 to 22 February, charming, and from 14 October to 3 November - fascination and luck will attract many admirers.The period of romanticism and intense special meeting under the moon would be the time period from 21 May to 4 August.Chances to meet with the help of high-tech means of communication, but this should show great caution.Looking for more robust look with students, employees of scientific and educational institutions, with foreigners.Da

ting, tied with 5 to 28 July, will have great potential to develop into a legal marriage.At the close circle of friends the half better this year not to seek.Fixed his gaze into the distance.

those born from 21 to 31 February

Immediately after the New Year Mars inspire you self and you go on training courses or driving school.But hyperactivity and inattention will create difficulty in communicating.In early April, you will tend to break off relations do not suit you.If you want to fix the destroyed temper, do not postpone the conversation for later, from July 23 to August 7, Venus will help you find the right words.

those born from 1 to 10 February

Through Saturn before October 10, you will have less problems than your fellow Aquarians.High self-control, full control over your emotions and mood will help achieve results and in their personal lives and in business.In the period from June 25 to September 18, try not to sign any documents and take important decisions.From 29 September to 15 October - a good time for business and family communication, contracts, marriages transactions.

those born from 11 to 19 February

Since the beginning of the year up to April and from August to the end of the year your intuition and imagination can work wonders.So try to realize their creativity, art and even in business.This is a wonderful time to communicate with their children, now understand and feel the child to have the same effect on him - you can use it.From September 19 to December 19 - the perfect time to get rid of the fears that prevent you to realize their dreams.Do not be afraid to aim a blow at the most.


March in your life begins to study the subject of "friendship."If you think that you know how to make friends, then you have nothing to fear, and all the lessons this year will pass with ease.But apart from a friendly seeking charm there is the notion of duty to one another.And from March to June will be very difficult to take these categories.Joint creative ideas can be broken of misunderstanding, jealousy, cynicism and lack of tact - not the best qualities of character.This test will leave the pain of loss and the joy of victory over human weakness.Because of this you will stay near the only ones who love not for the beautiful eyes and not for profitable projects, born in your head.


first three months of your vitality in the height.You are full of interesting projects, and you have the strength and the health to implement them.But should a person start to think bad, nervous, quarrel, as indicators of vitality fall.Three and a half months - March, April, May and half of June - intense emotional training not stand each.But thanks to the White Moon your health will be safe until July.This does not mean that we should not do anything.We must still maintain their normal body exercise, nutrition and sleep.And most importantly - inner optimistic.During this period, pay attention to such trifles as splinters, cold sores, bruises under his eyes and burning feet.These seemingly little things can be the beginning of non-small health problems in the future.


February - March will entice you easy money.Before you get involved in adventures with modern business technology or product of the new generation, all is well weigh, analyze.This will be a test of your honesty and attachment to money.Do not worry if they are to come and go.Reveal other perspectives.In April - July intuition help in financial matters.Did you somehow miraculously have become the owner of a bookshop or a painting interior.At this time, your talent can generate income.Wrong attitude toward money can bring chaos in life.No need to create from them a cult, or, on the contrary, they make a mess.Any dishonest operation at this time can be very costly.If you have a simple office worker, this year under the influence of unforeseen circumstances purpose in life, regardless of your plans change.There will be new opportunities.Now we know what will be the love horoscope Aquarius woman.