Horoscope of the month of January, a lion

It is best not to attach any importance to this, as early as January, all will fall into place.The most difficult day for lovers - 27 of January.Intimate life promises to be interesting and rich, but most importantly - do not perceive it as crucial in building relationships.From 1 to 10 January.Mutual understanding between you and your character starts to recover, and the first days of the new year are perfect for a romantic encounter.January 7 may occur an important conversation, it will be mainly related to the further joint plans.After that will come the favorable days for love and fun, so arrange a good rest.8 and 9 January would be nice to diversify the intimate life, but the number 10 is better to abstain from sex.From 11 to 20 January.Ongoing favorable period, although the January 11 can affect your mood trouble at work.Keep yourself in their hands, take care of relationships.January 13, you can have a good time with friends.At the end of the period you will be very emotional, so that there is a

high probability of an argument or disagreement between you and your partner.

  • Talisman month: ruby.
  • Favorable days: 26, 30 January 9, January 5 of January.
  • difficult days: January 28, 4, 12, on 19 January.
  • priority interest: work, a healthy lifestyle, diet.

romantic date Leo

Go to the noisy party, where it is not made to sit quietly in a corner.Dance, have fun, drink champagne - in general, feel the approaching holiday.Dress code - the most festive: bright jewelry, flashy outfits.

Family Leo

This month is ideal for the transformation of your home, create a harmonious environment and comfort.Update the interior, buy curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, choose the appropriate picture on the wall, pay attention to indoor plants.In the end, it all posodeystvuet strengthen relations with relatives.Most good day to communicate with relatives - 30 and 31 January.New Year is better to meet with the family.January 28 to avoid quarrels with neighbors.The first days of January dedicate communicate with your child, go to the Christmas tree, treat him with gifts.Christmas Eve - a good time for reconciliation with nice if you had a falling-between.

Health Leo

Rooting you once.But since the craving for exploits will be huge, be especially careful on the road and at work.In the first ten days of January to remain vigilant in malls and discos.Try to deal with proven people.If possible, eliminate from your diet energy drinks and do not experiment with unfamiliar exotic food.Flavored fruit tea contains no caffeine, and therefore affects the body very delicately.A variety of this drink is so wide that for you to find a suitable composition will be difficult.

Rest Leo

Despite the abundance of weekends and holidays, you will have no time to relax.Try to combine work and vacation, find time to have a pleasant time with loved ones.22 and 23 January helpful retire, limit contact with the outside world to understand themselves.Be careful and attentive on the road on January 28 in the day is better not to go anywhere.Short trip postponed until the 29th.Activities in the home will be particularly important to you 30 -31 of January.Long-distance travel are likely after January 16.Raise your spirits will tour the Museum of Art.There you can enjoy the classic works and to learn a lot of necessary and useful information.

Money Leo

so much you no longer worked.But do not despair - you are given a chance to be used.After the solar eclipse, which will be held on January 4, there will be important developments, improved location or working conditions.If you are just starting your career, it would be a good start, and qualities such as decisiveness, diligence and efficiency, help you realize.He worked in the property market will be a success.About the money do not worry - they will be enough to life, and to rest.

Luck Leo

Under the auspices of Neptune will simply clarify the intricate relationships.It also helps to restore justice.Mercury Fold the corners in the relationship with the younger generation.Venus will inspire you to feats home: creating comfort and culinary delights.To understand who is friend and who is foe, will Saturn.

Male Lion

Until the end of January may be difficulties in communicating with the pious, because, on the one hand, he was swamped with work, threatening stress and on the other - it has no mood for romance.But January is more favorable.The intimate life is not worth big plans, stick to the golden mean.


It's time to do health promotion.Now a remarkable period for settling any active sports, parting with addictions.If your darling has long planned to start to harden, then start is needed now.


This month income will be stable.But it is not worth risking finances January 10 - the day is not suitable for investment, loan processing and securities operations.


'll have to work hard.If he had difficulty finding a job, then immediately after the holidays these problems successfully resolved.Good relationships with colleagues - the key to prosperity.Perhaps an interesting collaboration with foreign partners, business trips.


Communicating with friends is easy and joyful probably meeting new people, which over time will become reliable friends.But it is worth considering that until January 1, understanding will not always be complete.Since the beginning of the year with friends become more psychic.


Leisure better to spend with family or friends, engage in a hobby.Travel will pursue a business purpose, but you can perfectly combine work and relaxation in an unfamiliar city or country.Not suitable for travel January 11.After January 16 is good to go somewhere together.Now we know what the horoscope of the month of January, the lion.

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